Alexander the Dream Motivates People to Pursue Their Dreams and Fight Bullying

Only a handful of artists can inspire people to hope and dream again, and Alexander Andres Espinoza is one of those.  Through his music, Alexander wants to show people that If he can make his dream come true, they can too. Furthermore, Alexander wants to show dreamers from all walks that life is not over but just beginning. 

Singer-songwriter, musician, music producer, model, and actor Alexander Andres Espinoza is better known by his stage name Alexander The Dream. He discovered his passion and talent for singing at the young age of six. His genre spans a wide range of distinctive sounds, singing in genres such as pop, R&B, and POPera, which is a relatively new sound. His goal is to serve as an inspiration for everyone who has experienced abuse and bullying. He believes that by making music and realizing his dreams, the world and everyone in it will change.

The fact that Alexander the Dream loved acting, singing, and music. Unfortunately, that led to bullying from other kids. Despite everything, his talent and enthusiasm are propelling him to new heights. His life’s struggles, including being mistreated by people around him, served as motivation for him for many years. 

Alexander The Dream used to sing everywhere he went when he was a kid. His great grandpa, Ruben Torres, and his mother both saw the potential he had, showed him the meaning behind the art of music, and gave him a newfound love for opera. “I would sing at Walmart and every restaurant I would go to, and everyone would surround me and look up to me and clap!” the artist recalls. Alexander adds that he found a love for the public during this time.

Alexander the Dream loved and was very good at acting and music, but his journey wasn’t without bumps. Because he loved both of them, he endured many hardships and challenges while growing up. He now wants to use music to help children who feel the same things but are hesitant to express them due to bullying and abuse.

“With my message of love, inspiration, strength, and hope, I want to bring that hope and be the difference to be able to change this world,” the artist declared. “I want to spread optimism to help them avoid depression and suicide and to let them know that even after falling, you can get back up.” Accordingly, the artist hopes his work continues spreading across various circles and making waves across the industry.

Life hits us hard, and we need something to help us get through it. Alexander wants to be that for the people. As Alexander continues to grow his music, he is looking to attract music labels, artists, music lovers, and everyone who is going through a tough time. 

Rising star Alexander Andres Espinoza is forging his own path in the music business in spite of all the criticism and challenges in his personal life and reaching unheard-of heights in his career. He hopes to continue providing people something fresh every time by continuing to be an inspiration. Alexander hopes that his creative work and journey will continue to inspire people across the board.

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