365Live.com Rocks Miami With the Launch of Their New App

If there’s one thing 365Live knows how to do, it’s throwing a good party. What better way to launch its new app than with music, dancing, and that vibrant party spirit, all set last Labor Day weekend, making it one of the hottest events of the year for Miami. 365Live filled the hip-hop concert with stars across the country, providing audiences with a world-class party experience. It came as no surprise when the said concert sold out tickets almost immediately after its announcement, leaving many unable to take part in the momentous event and looking forward to the next party.

With a reputation that precedes its name, 365Live has become everyone’s go-to platform for unique events, experiences, and unrivaled entertainment. 365Live goes way beyond music and offers audiences with some of the best days of their lives. The new app aims to keep everyone up to date with all upcoming varieties of entertainment, such as art shows, live music, brunch, or clubbing. The app will also serve as a one-stop-shop for booking tickets, browsing nearby events, connecting with friends around the area who are also within the 365Live community, and RSVPing to private events. 

The Miami hip-hop showcase, kicking off the party last September 4th at the James L. Knight Center, featured some of today’s most prominent names in the music industry, including French Montana, Trey Songz, MoneyBagg Yo, Est Gee, CJ, Major Nine, Chinese Kitty, Bizzy Crook, and Yung Reece. The two-day concert also featured EZ Stevie as the host. In addition, renowned musicians and esteemed South Florida locals were in attendance, such as Yes Juelz.

But of course, 365Live did not stop by merely throwing a two-day event. The app launch also had an epic after-party at Vendome Nightclub. The two-day event was jam-packed with attendees throughout the day, but hundreds still showed up for the evening festivities. MoneyBagg Yo and Est Gee hosted the after-party. With the two icons leading the night, there was never a dull moment.

The second day of the event was hosted by Yes Juels. 365Live also took the concert to another one of South Florida’s hottest venues, the new Oasis in Wynwood. On September 5th, the event accommodated over 2000 people who got to enjoy the epic performances of The City Girls, Trey Songz, Shenseea, Chinese Kitty, and Mariah Angeliq. Day two of the event followed another after-party at Vendome Nightclub. The second after-party acted as an opportunity to highlight another one of 365Live’s missions through the event: raising funds for the people who have been heavily impacted by the earthquake in Haiti. 

The two-day Miami hip-hop concert was not merely for launching 365Live.com’s new app. The extravagant event will also give a portion of its proceeds to The Jack Brewer Foundation for Haiti’s disaster relief funds. The donation will provide beneficiaries with food, shelter, and other necessary supplies for repairing their homes and various infrastructure.

365Live’s Labor Day concert followed the rules and regulations stated in the CDC Guidelines. In addition, the event required attendees to have masks upon entry.

The new 365Live app is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.Learn more about 365Live and their brand new app on their website.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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