Tre Lee on Wielding the Power of Music and Using His God-Given Voice to Reach Hearts and Touch Lives

It has long been established that music not only serves as background noise for people’s most mundane tasks and a companion to their most memorable moments. Above anything else, it is also an engine for raising awareness about timely issues, inspiring change, and comforting those struggling in the face of challenges. Many artists, both of the past and today, wield the power of this particular art in different ways. In the case of Floyd Lee III, better known as Tre Lee, he banks on the considerable impact of songs to provide solace and shed light on the fact that God has given people from all walks of life a purpose. 

Originally from Greenville, Mississippi, Tre Lee has always had an affinity toward rhythms and beats. His impressive arsenal of skills and passion for music were both molded and cultivated in an environment rife with a love for the craft. “From my father playing the OJAYS and Temptations in his car to my mother singing in the church choir, I grew up influenced by music,” shared the rising star. 

Tre Lee, who stands at the helm of a nonprofit enterprise called Honesty Brings Healing, has demonstrated an incredible competence at playing with words and putting them into writing from the get-go. This budding household name peppered his paper with love poems during fifth grade, a creative move that quickly progressed and led him to join Freestyle Fridays. It was no surprise then that Tre Lee eventually found his way to the forefront of the music scene. 

Today, Tre Lee is known for songs that have the ability to resonate with countless listeners worldwide. At the heart of his distinctive discography is a degree of vulnerability and transparency rarely found in other singers’ records. However, these characteristic features, which allow him to stand out among a plethora of talented musicians, were not immediately apparent. Before coming across Jay-Z’s album, Blueprint, the promising figure did not ground his pieces in experiences that hit close to home—hearing the 2011 release by the American rapper triggered a change in his approach to music. Not only did he begin making songs rooted in circumstances that he was intimately familiar with, but he also started telling other people’s stories. 

Bound to reach greater heights in the coming years, Tre Lee boasts tracks that can be played in the club on a Saturday night, as well as songs that reverberate within a church on a Sunday morning. Apart from their versatility, his releases are also marked by their top-notch quality and the extent to which they incorporate the blues of Mississippi’s Delta. 

Tre Lee, who is currently collaborating with the acclaimed producer CrackOnaTrack and preparing for the drop of his new album, credits his string of achievements not only to his authenticity and transparency but also to the fact that God is at the center of his musical endeavor. Highly fueled by the desire to reach out to everyone whose hearts seek healing, the Humble Gang Music Group founder hopes to make a difference by utilizing the gift God has given him.

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