Top 10 Summer Musicians in 2021

Music is a powerful tool. With its ability to bring listeners to tears or paint smiles on their faces, thousands often employ this auditory art to drive forward causes and stories to a global reach.

However, out of the thousands who wield it, only a stark few have an unyielding grip on sound and its undeniable impact. These music artists host the coveted prowess to profoundly affect the audience – introducing life-changing sound designed to move people toward a better space and shape the landscape of today’s industry.

Standing tall amid the crowd and forging connections with listeners worldwide, ten musicians walk onstage and dominate the spotlight this summer. Whether bringing in soulful vocals, dance tunes, or hard-hitting beats, these artists hold the perfect soundtrack to the sizzling season.

  1. SCY

SCY, pronounced “sky,” is a producer, singer-songwriter, and music engineer. He is the founder of Real-Life Music, a label that is doing big things in 2021 and beyond. SCY’s newly released single, “The Sky Is Falling,” from his upcoming album, has received rave reviews and has tens of thousands of streams on Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. The album will be released late summer or  early fall. The title is “Crystal Throne.” Follow SCY on Instagram or text 408-669-3053 for updates.

Instagram: @scy_the_artist


  1. Cooli High

Samuel Thomas Jones Jr. (Born 5/12), popularly known as Cooli Highh, is an African-American singer, songwriter, and content creator Born in San Diego and half-raised In Arkadelphia, Arkansas . Cooli Highh incorporates a unique style that is inspired by the hip-hop genre. He has gained much popularity in the country with the release of his debut album 48Hrs. At the age of 3, Cooli was kidnapped and burned alive, left for dead. Cooli Highh is best known for his eclectic songs such as Piranha, Locomotive, Cold Soul, Flowers, For The Game, Big Face Hunnits, Arkansas Anthem M.M.M., Worked So Hard, and Medicine. His new project The Return Of Cooli Highh is scheduled to release on June 25!

Spotify: Cooli Highh

Twitter: @TheCooliHighh 


  1. Kris Russ

Kris Russ is a DIY working class musician out of New Orleans, LA with soul. This musician uses his talent with new-aged techniques and an acoustic guitar to bring something refreshing and new to the table. Listeners will truly enjoy his upcoming EP, “hunting season.” It will be available on all major streaming platforms.

Spotify: Kris Russ

  1. Zenny Kravitz

Isaiah Rosemond, better known under his stage name “Zenny Kravitz,” is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and artist. Under the mission to impact change and forge a haven of Zen music, Zenny has continuously climbed the charts with numerous crowd-favorite hits.

Launching his career in mid-2018, Zenny Kravitz hosts an eclectic discography of optimistic sound. His 2019 debut album, NO OPTION, was followed by ROBOTIC LOVE and PRE ZENITH in the subsequent year, with the latter establishing the artist’s devoted and growing fanbase.

Determined to further his connection with his fans, Zenny recently released his 2021 masterpiece ZEN CASTLE. Since dropping, the album has been raking in rave reviews and garnering excitement for Zenny Kravitz’s remix of chart-toppers such as Ariana Grande’s “Positions” and Drake’s “What’s Next.”

Instagram: @zennyckravitz


  1. Jolie

Based in Saint Augustine, Florida, Jolie is an independent singer-songwriter known for her soulful vocals and heart-wrenching, intimate concerts. In 2018, she officially debuted with the release of her single “Choose Joy” and album Covers which hosts her touching interpretation of eight well-loved hits.

Her debut piece soon led to public clamor for original work, and in 2019, Jolie answered her following with the single “I Can Only Be Me.” The track was a veritable hit and named the young artist Saint Augustine’s “Best Female Vocalist” of the year. In 2020, Jolie was also voted as the city’s “Best Musician” with her single “365 Days.”

While currently working on new projects, the award-winning singer entertains the city crowd with performances at Saint Augustine’s downtown hot spots. 

Instagram: @officialjoliemusic


  1. MC Mixson

Derrick J. Mixson II or “MC Mixson” is the game-changing musician shaping modern hip hop. Under the mission to “influence and inspire the World,” the masterful artist has dived into unexplored areas of the hard-hitting genre and continues to innovate it with diverse sound and techniques.

With numerous cross-genre hits, the artist is visited by a whopping five thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and 41.8 thousand followers on Instagram. Due to his musical prowess and devoted fanbase, the artist has been featured in Source Magazine, LA Wire, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Shade 45 XM Radio and Dash Radio. 

Furthering his mission and connection with his audience, MC Mixson released his 2021 single “Rock With Me,” which continues to earn views on popular streaming sites. 

Instagram: @mcmixson


  1. Brianna Musco

With over twenty thousand followers on Instagram and countless listeners worldwide, it is undeniable that pop artist Brianna Musco is at the top of her game. However, before launching to stardom, Brianna debuted with “Forever” in 2019. The track garnered an outstanding 200,000 views and sent the artist on tour.

While entertaining crowds in the United States, United Kingdom, and across Europe, Brianna Musco sated public demand with her 2020 single “Never Stay.” It was an overwhelming hit. The song established Brianna as a 21st-century pop icon. This success was augmented by the 2021 release of her track “My Only Pretty Thing.”

The young artist’s latest track is expected to be publicly unveiled on her upcoming July 24 show at New York City’s Mercury Lounge. 

Instagram: @briannamusco


  1. Yellow Trash Can

Yellow Trash Can or YTC is an emerging duo band featuring the musical prowess of Sony label-signed songwriter, Jitta On The Track, and multi-instrumentalist, Jason Navarrete. 

Taking their name from the company that initially hired them and attempted to run away with their intellectual property, the duo has since redefined YTC as a band of excellence and nostalgia-inducing hits. Creating a sound reminiscent of the late ’90s and early 2000s, YTC is now renowned for its euphoric and eclectic discography, attracting and continuing to entrance a diverse audience. 

Since their 2020 debut with the single “Populated,” the brilliant duo has constantly been on-air with subsequent hit tracks “Alone,” “All in My Head,” “Hey Crazy,” “Twisted (Ringo’s Revenge),” and their latest project “Talk Nice to Me.”

Instagram: @yellowtrashcan_


  1. Claire Hawkins

A modern troubadour, Claire Hawkins is a singer, songwriter, and travel vlogger. Raised in New York City by two polyglot parents, Claire embraces a broad perception of the world. Her unique insight has seamlessly translated to her sound and inspired her to debut EP “Even These Words” in 2017.

At the time, the young artist was studying in Europe and had realized a passion for traveling. Expanding her horizons led to the release of “Foreign Voice.” The awe-inducing track garnered global attention, and in 2019, Claire embarked on the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour. 

She performed in youth hostels across the continent and actively documented it on YouTube. The sights and the experience birthed her June 2021 single “Small Doses,” which exposes the artist’s journey through adulthood.

Instagram: @imclairehawkins


  1. Paige Garabito

Based in Los Angeles, California, Paige Garabito is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and music producer. She launched her career in 2018 with EPs “Coffee” and “Bad Luck” – acquiring a significant following and media attention which only grew upon the release of her following creative pieces.

Renowned for her powerful voice and melodic blend of urban pop and tinges of contemporary R&B, Paige carries one of the most attractive discographies in the industry. It includes the collaborative track “Upside Down” with Poorchoice and record-breaking singles “Breakfast,” “Ask For More,” “Cry Baby,” “Low Blow,” “Picnic,” “Actress,” and “Psycho.” 

In the second week of June 2021, Paige Garabito welcomed summer with her fans. She revealed the track “Another Song About Money” and teased its upcoming music video release.

Instagram: @paigegarabito


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