The Waltons’ Homecoming: A Thanksgiving Gift to Every American Family

Multiple powerhouses have come together to deliver a gift to be remembered this Thanksgiving season. Prominent names in the film and entertainment industry join Kathy Ireland in bringing to everyone’s screens The Waltons’ Homecoming, a story of hope and perseverance amid trials and tribulations. With an encore scheduled for December 11, this American classic invites families and friends on a tale that speaks of the purest of values: faith, family, love, and inclusivity. 

The Waltons’ Homecoming is The CW’s remake of the 1971 TV-movie The Homecoming: A Christmas Story. It commemorates the 50th anniversary of the original movie and follows the journey of John Boy. Set in the Depression Era, the film revolves around the 17-year-old eldest child of John and Olivia Walton. Expected to help his mother raise his sisters and brother and take over the responsibility of supporting the family, John Boy had to struggle with the secret desire to become a writer. 1933 looked to be the Waltons’ first Christmas without John Sr. However, the family’s excitement was over the roof when a letter detailed John Sr.’s plan to come home — plans that would go awry upon the arrival of a storm that led to the disappearance of John Sr. 

Starring Bellamy Young, Ben Lawson, and Logan Shroyer, The Waltons’ Homecoming is narrated by the original John Boy, Richard Thomas, and propelled to the limelight by Kathy Ireland. A fashion icon, human rights advocate, and author, she spearheads kathy ireland® Worldwide, the 15th most successful licensed brand in American history.

Throughout her career, this household name has demonstrated not only an impressive entrepreneurial acumen but also a deep-seated passion for making a difference in the lives of others. The youngest executive and the first woman ever to be elected to the Licensing International Hall of Fame, she also serves as the International Chair for The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a cause-oriented organization that is expected to capture the attention of countless individuals and families through Ireland’s participation in the release of  The Waltons’ Homecoming.

Acting as the sole presenting sponsor of  The Waltons’ Homecoming, Kathy Ireland is excited for more Americans to witness the journey of John Boy, a journey that has been brought to the screens thanks to the Emmy Award-winner and Magnolia Hill Productions president Sam Haskell. “There is no one more talented or appropriate to bring a message of hope into our homes on Thanksgiving weekend than Sam Haskell, whose accomplishments in television are legendary and iconic,” shared the kathy ireland® Worldwide CEO.

The Waltons’ Homecoming has managed to bring families closer together on November 28 during its original airtime, and it’s looking forward to doing the same this December. Featuring music by the seven-time Grammy Award winners Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., the film stands out amid a flood of programming in the world today that fails to encourage hope. More information about The Waltons’ Homecoming can be found here.

Glenda Drewery
Glenda Drewery is a Media Publisher Lead at Music Observer. She works with publishers, broadcasters, news outlets, sports and music organizations, education, and lifestyle brands (among others) to create a healthy ecosystem of diverse content. She ensures clients from the entertainment industry are positioned for success.


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