The Black Bon Jovi Living Out His “The Cancer Killa” Persona through Music and His Commitment to Fighting Cancer

The Black Bon Jovi took up music to uplift people and make them feel better. He’s well-versed in Rock, Pop and EDM music and has proved his mettle over the years as a performing and recording artist. Going into music was always in his plan, but the desire to make impactful music became stronger when he realized how many people were going through one struggle or the other. His aunt battled cancer all her life yet didn’t survive it.

Born in Boston and raised in Atlanta and Miami, Dominic Smith, The Black Bon Jovi, has been using his music to spread hope and positivity worldwide. “Many people need a message of hope to get through the next hour, especially during these difficult times. My music is geared towards those people to feel encouraged to never give up,” he says. He’s also passionate about cancer patients and does everything possible to reach them and encourage them to stay relentless.

The Cancer Killa creates music for every type of person regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or tribe. He believes cancer does not discriminate against anybody; thus, his music shouldn’t either. He thrives on the authenticity of his craft and how vulnerable he gets in his music. “I put up a great deal of transparency and originality in my sound. My audio matches my video. My music and videos are relatable, and it’s easy for anyone to understand where I’m coming from. I try to lead by example for the many people who have made a hero out of my persona,” he says.

He became “The Cancer Killa” from his close experience with his aunt’s cancer. He saw her fight cancer for most of her life, and she ended up passing on. This motivated him to commit his music career to give hope and encouragement to those living with cancer and hopefully play a role in helping them get the treatment they need. With his eyes on the goal of becoming a successful musician, The Black Bon Jovi intends to keep spreading positive energy to every part of the world. He hopes to bring about changes through the positive energy in his music to save lives. 

He launched his foundation, “The Cancer Killa Foundation,” to advance his mission, and so far, it’s gradually gaining traction with its cancer awareness initiatives. The Black Bon Jovi’s goal is to bring cultures, generations and genders together using music. He also wants to draw people’s attention to cancer by organizing campaign programs that bring everyone together. In his words, “I want the world to realize that these fights are for everyone. We all need to work together to get through the difficult times. I do my part through my music and financial commitments and can really use the support from everyone worldwide.” With concerted efforts, The Black Bon Jovi believes the world can be a better place.

This coming June 5, 2021, in Los Angeles, California, at The Boys & Girls Club, The Black Bon Jovi, a.k.a., The Cancer Killa is leading the 3rd Annual Cancer Survivor Celebrity Kickball Fundraiser Tour, which is an event dedicated towards cancer patients and their families. Sponsor or make a donation to support by sending an email to

Learn more about The Black Bon Jovi on his official website and Instagram account or check out his activities as The Cancer Killa on his foundation’s website.

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