Social Media Guru-Marilyne Nix’s Tribute to Her Late Father: Helping Other Musicians Grow

In the picture: Jim Nix with world-renowned American tenor and alto saxophonist musician Ace Cannon, one of Jim Nix’s good friends.

For social media guru and marketing consultant Marilyne Nix, working with musicians is now more than a part of her business. It’s a tribute to her late father.  After the passing of famous Arkansas musician Jim Nix, his daughter now looks to honor his legacy by elevating musicians through social media. 

Marilyne is the owner and founder of Luxelife9, a luxury brand that has exploded recently on social media platforms. The brand has considerably grown, especially on Instagram, where it currently sits at 911,000 followers and still growing. Its founder Marilyne Nix has become one of fashion, beauty, and luxury’s most prominent social media stars. 

Following the success of her brand, Marilyne conceptualized a business consultancy service that would help other brands succeed in the social media realm. She has worked with other companies to elevate their presence online and helped them gain powerful traction through her proven expertise. Now, she has a soft heart for musicians who want to get their music out there through digital platforms. 

Jim Nix, the late father of Marilyne, passed away not too long ago due to COVID-19. However, he played a crucial role in Marilyne’s life growing up. For almost all her life, the social media influencer remembers growing up around music as a lifestyle. 

“I remember being surrounded by artists for the longest time,” she fondly recalls. “My dad trained people who became the best in the industry and toured the world and became legendary. He met and played with the best entertainers in the business.”

In tribute to her father, Marilyne looks to place a high premium on working with musicians who show promise. Luxelife9 looks to take musicians under its wing and strengthen its social media channel presence. The social media consulting company has snowballed as of late as companies and individuals have flocked to the firm for advice and guidance. The COVID-19 pandemic has pinned a significant burden upon brands with lockdowns and a dropped public confidence. Arguably the most significant contributor to keeping businesses and brands alive amid these trying times has been digital marketing and e-commerce. 

Accordingly, Marilyne Nix believes that social media could become the cornerstone to business and brand growth. She hopes to provide that support to companies of all shapes and sizes. And as of recently, she has added artists into that mix. Already, she is working with a handful of promising musicians who could become the next big stars of the music industry. But Nix isn’t slowing down just yet. By solidifying brand personas and social media reach for these talented musicians, Marilyne hopes to bring honor to the memory of her father. “Music meant everything to him, and I believe this is what he would have wanted,” shares Marilyne Nix.

Today, Marilyne is starting a Jim Nix Music Scholarship for college students in the coming school year, 2022-2023.

Luxelife9 is a consulting firm that gives marketing and branding guidance. Its services include marketing strategy development, content development systems, training programs, and many others. Marilyne and her company have appeared in publications like USA Today, Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, and many others for her work in marketing, branding, and social media.

To learn more about Marilyn Nix and Luxelife9 and start working with them, check out their website and Instagram.

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