Singer Chris Brown Accused of Drugging and Sexually Harassing a Woman in California

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Singer Chris Brown has been accused of rape by a woman in California. The victim claims that he drugged and raped her at the rapper’s Florida home on a yacht. 

The woman, Jane Doe as identified in the court papers, demands a $20 million compensation in damages from Brown.

The lawsuit filed Thursday claims that the R&B star invited the woman—characterized as a choreographer, dancer, model and musical artist—to his yacht following her arrival in Miami on December 30, 2020.

The drink he handed her made her feel “disoriented (and) physically unstable,” she says.

The filing claims that Brown led her into the bedroom where he raped her, even with her objections.

“The traumatic events that Plaintiff Jane Doe experienced shock the conscience and should horrify all of us,” says the suit, filed in Los Angeles. “The time has come to send a message to Defendant Chris Brown that enough is enough.”

“Accordingly, Plaintiff Jane Doe brings this complaint seeking justice for herself (and also with the hope it may serve as an example for others) who may now or have in the past found themselves at the mercy of Defendant Chris Brown.”

Lawyers Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck revealed that their client was too embarrassed to seek legal help at first. 

The AFP asked the firm whether a civil case would later spark a criminal complaint; however, there was no instant response.

Brown wrote what he thinks about the issue on an Instagram post after the release of the filing.

“I HOPE YALL SEE THIS PATTERN OF [blue cap emoji],” he said. The blue cap emoji is used to indicate false statements. “Whenever im releasing music or projects ‘THEY’ try to pull some real bullshit.”

However, the Grammy Award-winning singer did not elaborate on who he meant by “they.”

Back in 2009, Brown was convicted of assault for beating fellow artist Rihanna, his then-girlfriend, who didn’t attend the Grammy Awards due to her injuries.

He has been accused of rape before, but he declined to admit the charges and was not charged for it.

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