Rising Singer and Songwriter Trent Toney Elevates His Music with “Close to You”

Trent Toney, an up-and-coming music artist from Hillsboro, Oregon, is currently making waves with his indie, folk, and alternative pop music in the industry. Armed with a rich musical background, an acoustic guitar, and the drive of a man who wants to create beautiful songs, the young artist is on his way to greatness. His versatile musical talent is allowing him to seamlessly crossover several genres to produce some of the most exhilarating and promising songs in the industry this 2021. 

Three months ago, Trent released his single titled “Knew You.” His Ed Sheeran-inspired vocal stylings and calming acoustic guitar skills are attributes that make his music awe-inspiring. Listening to “Knew You” gives people a sense of something familiar yet strangely fresh and unheard of before. 

Trent’s newest release is a song called “Close to You,” which he wrote about a girl he met right before quarantine hit. They met at a gig, and during lockdown, Trent did his best to pursue her. This song is a result of that time, and it’s his way of expressing how she makes him feel. “She was just the coolest person I’d ever met, and I never imagined how I’d ever even get a shot with her,” he revealed.

Aside from the acoustic guitar, Trent is also gifted in playing the piano. He started playing it at the young age of seven and has never stopped since then. Seeing that he had an extraordinary inclination toward music, his parents invested in his piano lessons until he finished high school. On the side, he would take music-related classes in school, play in church, accept small gigs, and tinker with a bit of production, without fully realizing back then that music would become his greatest passion today. 

While in college, he was fond of creating YouTube videos, and two of them went viral, with one of them generating more than 2.5 million views. At that time, music was not his top priority. Things took a major turn, however, when he had a tough breakup with his girlfriend. It had a crippling effect on Trent, and he coped by locking himself in his room, forcing himself to learn the guitar, and writing songs for several months. At a time in his life when he thought there was no more hope, he found refuge in music, and it changed his life forever. 

In 2017, Trent went full speed and dived right into the local music scene. He would play at least five gigs in a week and would sometimes do multiple shows in a single day. His songwriting became a constant part of him, and he was able to produce hundreds of them. He would save up as much money as he could to be able to pay for studio time. 

As an independent artist, Trent enjoys the freedom of being able to produce his songs the way he thinks they ought to sound. Over the years, he has built strong friendships in the industry, including the owner of the Rye Room Studios, Matt Grecco. With Matt’s help, Trent was able to capture the kind of sound he envisioned for his songs. 

Times may be tough at the moment, especially because of the pandemic, but Trent is hopeful that in a few years, he will be able to do tours on a larger scale. Visiting other countries to play his music for a wide variety of cultures is something that he looks forward to doing in the future. Additionally, fortifying his personal brand online is one of his topmost priorities at present. He wants to be able to connect with his fans and multiple music enthusiasts. Exploring the possibility of future collaborations with other artists and producers is an exciting possibility down the road. 

As Trent continues to elevate his music for the world to enjoy, he also hopes that they will come to know the person behind the songs and appreciate the creative world he revolves in. Learn more about Trent Toney by visiting his website. Follow him on Instagram and YouTube for updates on his latest projects.

Glenda Drewery
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