Rising Artist Damon Fletcher Releases New Hit Single Called “Elevate”

Taking on a new milestone in his music career, rising artist Damon Fletcher recently released “Elevate,” which immediately became a big hit. The song is guaranteed to make its listeners move. Produced by Zaytoven Production, “Elevate” carries the classic melodies and tunes Zaytoven is distinctly known for. Furthermore, Damon Fletcher was consistent in amplifying his mission to give a positive message through his new single, a goal he aims to achieve with his music. 

Damon Fletcher’s rise began at the height of the pandemic. He released his debut music video, “Hustle with a Purpose,” featuring the Curshboys, in May 2020, which quickly gained traction and garnered close to 400,000 views on YouTube. Months later, he continued to create innovative, contactless videos to keep people motivated amid the global health crisis and released “2 Miles,” still featuring the Crushboys. 

Despite the challenges of working from home and producing his music in isolation from the rest of the world, Damon Fletcher was able to produce both videos in great quality. He did not allow the confines of the pandemic to set his limits. Instead, he stayed resilient and true to his passion, believing that nothing could stand in his way of making art. “Once you find your passion, if you work hard and stay focused, your dreams can come true,” the artist said. 

Maintaining his momentum, Damon Fletcher then released his third video called “Ready,” featuring Cupid, reflecting the changes that took place amid the pandemic. “‘Ready’ is about chasing your dreams and going full speed ahead. I captured that in the song. The beat was motivated by my love for Usher,” he said. “The video hopefully shows people that music, art, and culture is back, and inevitably, it never really went away even during an international crisis.” Damon has always been vocal about taking inspiration from the works of music icon Usher and even attended one of his MasterClasses. He credits Usher for pushing him to break boundaries and not be confined by limits. 

“I feel anything is possible with perseverance and drive. The deficiency I suffered from as a child toughened me up and made me believe I can do anything,” says Damon, talking about how he was born almost blind and miraculously had his eyesight saved through surgery. “Every day, people can do extraordinary things with great purpose.”

Damon Fletchers always aims for his videos to show people that they are not alone in facing whatever crisis could be on their journey, whether it’s the pandemic or other circumstances in life. “Elevate” is another testament to his commitment to inspiring audiences and changing lives through his music, ready to spread inspiration and hope where they are needed most. For the artist, music and creating videos are not just careers. They are platforms where he can send profound messages to audiences worldwide and make a lasting impact. 

Bringing fresh rhythms and outstanding lyricism, Damon fletcher should definitely be on everyone’s radar. Soon enough, he will be as big as the music icons who inspired him to push past his limits. 

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