Richlyfe Music Group LLC Discovering and Polishing Diamonds in the Rough

Building a music career in the entertainment world today requires real work. Every aspiring musician can use all the help they can get to make the journey easier for them. Richlyfe Music Group LLC exists as that much-needed help, and Jason Everett, also known as Jovah Kayne, is in charge of the company. Pursuing a music career himself, Jovah thought it would do him some good if he also had one foot in the music business while the other foot does all the legwork to establish himself as a talented musician.

Jason Everett’s first passion was music. He moved from St. Andrews, Jamaica, to the United States to pursue music more than 18 years ago. He got off to a decent start by partnering with his cousin, DJ Jazzy T, who was signed to We Da Best at the time. Jason later moved to Miami, where he got his degree in Creative Production and Engineering from Miami-Dade College. By this time, he had already perfected his skills as a DJ, and through his connections in the music industry, he was drafted into international superstar Sean Kingston’s team, where he became the star’s touring DJ.

The seemingly long journey to bring Richlyfe Music Group LLC to life also had Jovah perfecting his music production. He showed himself out by working with artists like K-Camp, Mykko Montana, and many others. Seeing how his reputation has grown over the years, he decided to create a platform where budding artists and musical talents could thrive. He established Richlyfe Music Group LLC to be a record label and artist incubation company.

Richlyfe Music Group is just one part of the many initiatives that Jovah is driving. He runs an accounting firm and physical rehabilitation center, which all integrate seamlessly with his music business. Richlyfe Music Group LLC was established to be a driving force in setting young people straight and giving them a reason to keep going. “There are many youths in bad situations who can be set straight if they had somewhere else to channel their energy. Music can be a means of escaping trouble, and we are trying to make sure of that for many people at Richlyfe Music Group,” Jovah says.

Under the Richlyfe Music Group imprint, up-and-coming artists like Dez Hall and Conny Cash are signed, and they give Jovah renewed hopes that his move as a power player in the music industry is on the right course. Richlyfe Music Group ensures that music released under the company is marketed using cutting-edge promotion strategies to reach the target audience. The company also handles social media promotion, PR, and digital streaming promotion for musicians.

The motivation to launch Richlyfe Music Group LLC was borne out of Jason Everett’s passion for developing talent. He went through a similar process, which made him move from one country to another to develop his talent. His desire to see other people with talent develop and become powerful forces to reckon with in the music industry spurred him to establish Richlyfe Music Group LLC. The ultimate goal is to make Richlyfe Music Group a household name with established artists touring the world with chart-topping songs.

Learn more about Richlyfe Music Group LLC on the company’s official website.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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