New Single Alert from Ludovica. Artist Set to Give Us the “Answer” 

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The music industry is brimming with talent. Up-and-coming stars have shown the world what they can do with chart-topping hits and certified bangers. Ludovica Angelica Giusti is among these talented musicians, cementing herself at the center of the modern music era with her inspired music.

Born on September 11, 1995, Ludovica is a 26-year-old rising star who started her music career in 2020. In such a short span of time, she had already broken records, surpassing her first 180, 000 views, 80,000 all-time streams, and 60,000 Spotify monthly listeners in the first six months of her career.

Ludovica graduated from NYU Tisch Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music Billboard and Music Leaders. The esteemed artist released her first record label collaboration through EMPIRE Distribution, Inc. on her YouTube channel LudovicaVEVO and now releases music on her own label as a self-acclaimed manager.

She was also the former student of legend Stevie Mackey, vocal coach of legendary musicians such as Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Jhené Aiko, Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith, Mindy Pack, and many more.

Photo by @bravo.finessed

“This is an extremely special song stemming from a real and personal place in my life, emotion wise, I truly think people will rethink about how essential it is to not put the blame on someone or point fingers, you hold the answers to every problem you just gotta work together,” Ludovica explained.

“Answer” is not just a typical love song. The song explains real emotions that we don’t often address. This always leads to conflict and it’s always too late to fix when things go wrong.

Ludovica is an extremely unique artist in today’s modern music industry. She utilizes custom-made beats produced by her fellow artist Smoov which resonate with her the first time she hears them. “I don’t usually pick typical beats, nothing from YouTube,” shared the rising star.

When asked what motivated her to pursue a career in music, Ludovica said: “I was once asked what keeps me going in music? It’s not about what keeps me going, I can’t do without it.”

“I recognized that music is my true essence, the reason we are on this earth is to find our purpose. You can look and sound like someone else but your actions are what separates you from everyone else. I’m extremely strong on moving forward in this industry the way I want to, the way that feels real to me,” she added.

In the near future, Ludovica is poised to become a mainstay in the music industry and a household name. Her passion for her craft is something the world has never seen before, and it’s extremely exciting to see where the future will take her. There’s nowhere to go, but up from here for the talented musician, and she isn’t showing any signs of slowing down real soon.

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