Music Streaming Platform Tunedly Pushes the Envelope in the Industry With Its Contest to Reward Listeners

A musician’s success can vary, but many can truly say they made it when their tracks break into the charts or become popularized in pop culture. However, with the innovation of technology allowing more musicians to thrive independently, just about anyone can make a hit. Tunedly, a startup streaming service company provides listeners with the chance to scout for the next big artist, a bragging right that many can be proud of. However, they are taking their platform to the next level by rewarding them for their discoveries.

Chris Erhardt is one of the co-founders of Tunedly, who created the platform out of a passion for music. The startup was built around musicians and music managers who shared the same ideals to help the industry move forward. By removing barriers, they have provided aspiring artists with a platform that can allow them to unleash their gifts to listeners looking for a new sound or genre. 

Founded in 2017, Tunedly has maintained consistency in its mission to revolutionize the music industry. With over 6,500 songs available in its inventory, listeners can sign up to the Tunedly Music Discovery App and scout for songs that have the potential to become the next big hit. While most streaming platforms only provide royalties to their artists, Tunedly has taken a giant leap to get ahead of others. As a result, listeners have the chance to earn royalties, cash prizes, merchandise, and more on tracks that become hits.

“We are committed to giving back to people who enjoy music as much as we do,” said co-founder Chris Erhardt. “This has motivated us to keep building our not-so-regular music streaming platform.”

With their unique feature, Tunedly has been successful in pushing the music industry forward. However, the team decided to elevate the platform in September when it announced a giveaway of $500 to the first ten users on the app who can name a popular and well-known artist along with the artist’s song title. 

Similar to the popular singing competition Masked Singer, Tunedly removes every information from the songs to project an air of mystery around the artist, giving listeners the chance to enjoy their music purely by merit and prompting them to visit the website and app more frequently to take the music in. “We’re excited to champion this content as one of our numerous ways to make listeners happy,” shared Erhardt. “The app offers many other perks, such as becoming a hit music scout by signing up, discovering songs, and giving the songs upvotes if they think they will become hits. Each user gets one free upvote daily, and if their upvoted songs become a hit, they earn royalties, cash, or other forms of prizes.”

While Tunedly primarily shines the spotlight on independent artists, one-third of the inventory consists of established artists like Bruno Mars, Fall Out Boy, Kane Brown, and more. Users who can identify the songs from established writers can send their answers to Tunedly’s official Twitter account with the hashtag #tunedlywhosethesinger. Included in the tweet should be the artist’s name and song. The first ten users to give the correct submissions can win $500 in cash prizes.

Revolutionizing the music industry for over four years, Tunedly is slowly becoming a powerhouse by combining streaming with creation, publishing, and distribution. This unique feature plays a significant role in changing how independent artists approach music. Additionally, Tunedly has signed a partnership with Spirit Music Group, helping the platform grow and deliver valuable offerings to listeners and artists.

Learn more about the Tunedly contest by visiting their official website.

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