Music Manager Lindsay Mulder Seeks Out the Misfits of Society in Hopes of Helping Them Navigate Life and All Its Challenges

Music is organized chaos. It is an art form that manages to find a beautiful sense of order despite everything that’s been going on around us. Lindsay Mulder’s life perfectly matches the tune of a beautiful melody; only the lyrics are messed up. She has never been the type to lecture people about dreams and motivation. In fact, Lindsay can’t recall any moment in her life where she thought that life was fair and balanced just because she decided to “do something.”

Lindsay Mulder is truly aware of the ills of our modern society, even falling victim to the darkest depths of addiction. Before she knew it, she had spiralled down and hit rock bottom without any sense of escape in sight. Fortunately, she found solace and refuge in the form of sounds, chords, and notes ever since she was a little girl, which ultimately led her to find her way back to freedom.

Admittedly, as a little girl, Lindsay Mulder never understood the world around her. She merely saw herself as a reflection of the world and the people that inhabit it. In turn, the world didn’t seem to bother to understand her either. She developed a sense of disdain for the world, which would cause her to distance herself from it and not conform to the rules of society. 

Throughout her early life, Lindsay Mulder found a companion in music and never looked back. Through music, things started to make sense, time seemed to go a little faster, and life got a whole lot better. Music was also the light at the end of the tunnel regarding her drug and alcohol addiction, allowing her to see the world through sober eyes. Nowadays, she is allowing herself to do what she never could: live.

On the path toward her new life, Lindsay Mulder established Rock Prairie Productions LLC. She knew that if she amassed enough influence, she could convince people who are yet to be jaded by the horrors of life that there’s something worth saving on this earth.

Currently, Lindsay Mulder is a 40-year-old disabled Army veteran who served for 16 years. She has conducted vet crisis coordination and performed her civic duties to the best of her abilities. She is constantly looking for people who think that there is no hope left. She actively seeks out the misfits of society so that she can help them find their place in the world. 

“It comes from a place of familiarity. I don’t want to be like everyone else, and I’m simply not going to be. I’m not going to live the rest of my life by what society thinks,” says Lindsay Mulder. “I have never been a conformist, and I’m not going to start now as someone who is middle-aged,” she added.

Lindsay Mulder wants people to know that they aren’t alone and that they are far bigger than the battles they are facing. “I want them to wake up and feel what I couldn’t: hope. I listen to them and their words and their narratives set to song. I hear their expressions of love and pain and hate. And I help them make sense of it as I did,” explains Lindsay.

As a recovering addict and a trauma survivor herself, she knows the hardships that one must face in order to come out of this world unscathed. “It’s never too late to start living,” says Lindsay. She is a testament to hope in the face of the difficult challenges of life, and she is out there to prove to the world that she is carving her own path and doing things her way.

To know more about Lindsay Mulder, make sure to check out her company’s official website. For more live updates, check out the company’s Facebook page as well.

Glenda Drewery
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