Miami’s Own DICI Drops New Track

Meet the talented, emerging artist DICI, who is making his mark on the musical landscape in 2022. Already surpassing 2.9 million views on YouTube, this young, South Florida recent high school graduate has his audience captivated with his talent. DICI’s latest hit, “Do What I Can” debuted on all streaming platforms on March 25th, 2022. 

DICI shared with us, “This record is just a chill, relaxing song. It’s about doing what you can, it may not always work out, but you’ve just gotta keep going.” The melodic keys in the background provide an R&B-esque vibe, paired with the gripping vocals, creating a song that is sure to be a summertime hit. 

DICI had spent several months in Japan in 2021 which heavily influenced his style and songwriting skills. “My experience in Japan was game changing. If I had an opportunity to tour with artists over there, millet, Vaundy, LEX and Leon Fanourakis would be on the top of my list. If I was a US tour, Action Bronson, Denzel Curry, Billie Eilish, Fivio Foreigh, Trippie Redd and Russ are my top picks.” 

The rising star graced the pages of The Source Magazine last month with the debut of his last single, “Will You Stay.” His debut EP which dropped in January 2021 was composed of his first five songs. “I put an incredible amount of effort into those records, to make them sound as professional as possible,” he shared. Since that release, he has put out a total of 12 videos and 16 songs over the last 14 months. DICI was originally set to release his second EP, however chose to release singles on a designated timeline instead.

For DICI, the second EP just didn’t make sense. “I would have needed a minimum of 3-4 months to come up with another, third project. That would mean no new music being released for months at a time. No new content equates to no new press. Since I’m coming up, I don’t have the luxury of sitting out for months at a time. As an alternative, by constantly releasing new tracks, I’m allowing myself and my music to continuously be seen and heard, growing my fan base.”

This is a method many indie artists fail to understand when launching their careers in an ever changing environment. With the digital landscape constantly evolving, especially in the last 2 years during the pandemic, young artists need to be more strategic than ever before in order to make a significant presence online. DICI states, “I feel it doesn’t make sense to put out large projects when you are starting out in the industry. Sure, some people might see or hear your work, but if you are only releasing one project a year, by the time they see your next work, your fans could possibly have already forgotten you. This way, if your audience hears you on a monthly basis, you stay fresh in their heads.” 

“305-INTERLUDE,” which is the first song DICI ever wrote, is coincidentally his largest hit to date. He had made the beat on Logic Pro X while sitting on a balcony in the early hours of the morning. DICI had grabbed a HyperX gaming headset and decided to use that to record some vocals to the beat. Now, just a little over a year later, he can write the lyrics to a song without hearing the beat first. He continues to create his records with minimal gear. DICI’s equipment includes a MacBook Pro, UAD Apollo Twin X, KOMPLETE KONTROL S49 and Yamaha HS7s, while recording with a Millennia preamp and TLM-103. The headphones he uses are AKG K701s, Audio Technica M50x, and VMODAS. 

After recording each of his hit songs, DICI transitions his creative mindset to the next step in his process where he develops the magnetic visuals for his music. Having teamed up with AP, Emmy winning Director and Cinematographer, Brian Bayerl through a mutual friend in South Florida. “Brian was the right guy for me to collaborate with for my music videos because of his extensive skill set and background.” DICI believes his fans’ first impression of his imagery is most vital at this stage in his career and his videos are able to provide that congenial first impression last.

The magic created by DICI and Bayerl is working like a charm though, as their videos have garnished hundreds of thousands of views each and close to 3 million views in total. “ From the first few lines of DIC’s first EP , I knew I wanted to collaborate with him. Since then I have really enjoyed watching from through the lens as he bursts onto the urban pop scene. I feel very fortunate to be able to visually capture his talent and artistry and share it with the world.” Bayerl said. DICI, with his strategic, entrepreneurial mindset leans towards video releases coinciding with the audio streaming release in hopes that the video viewing will lead to a streaming play. In alignment with his enterprising spirit, DICI formed Dici Records, LLC. He shared, “Image is everything in this industry, and by having a record label, you automatically look more professional. Another reason is debt. Having an LLC allows me to deduct certain costs, which will help me recoup expenses when I blow up.”

So far, his favorite part of his journey has been watching his own improvement and results of his labor. DICI is kicking 2022 off right by doing live shows and collaborating with people that continue to inspire him to grow with his music. 

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