Make way for Lefapp, making his name prominent as a one-of-a-kind rap artist in the American music scene.

The young rap star exudes pure brilliance in making beats and producing songs.

It is astounding to know and learn about all those individuals and professionals who make sure to go under the grind and spare no effort in getting ahead in their careers and endeavours in life. These individuals choose their challenges, overcome them and become their best versions in all that they choose to do in their journeys. Many such talented beings have emerged in the past few years in the music realm, especially youngsters. Among them, one name that has been making consistent noise around his musical work is a young lad named Valentin Lozano, most popularly known by his stage name Lefapp. Lefapp today is a rising rap artist and producer who has given it his all to reach where he is today in the industry.

Lefapp as a young artist from the US and the one who moved all over the country from California, Texas, Chicago, and Florida and lived in each state for two years after leaving home at 18 years, may seem like just another guy from the neighborhood, but he is definitely beyond being that. His story is of a hardworking teenager that began making music at the naïve age of 14. He says that he always has had a passion for making beats and got inspired by the Wu-Tang clan. He has been working towards making his name as a creative artist who can mix all types of styles into his music.

Lefapp saw too many struggles and challenges on his path and had to work several jobs to finance his journey in the music world. Gradually he started his career as a rapper and producer and later even began writing music. His beats and musical craft exuded his pure passion for music, which slowly but steadily helped him pave his own path to success in the ever-so-competitive industry. He has even DJed at various top events across Miami, Orlando, and Florida and has worked along with some of the top artists in the industry.

Besides music, Lefapp has been studying psychology and philosophy for over five years, which has helped him in many ways on his journey in music. Lefapp says that the Wu-Tang clan is a huge inspiration in his life. Though he grew up poor, he decided to use his smart in computers to begin making beats and creating music, which today has made him a rising name setting new expectations for underground music.

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