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Little King Releases Its Seventh Album Titled Amuse De Q

Little King is celebrating its 25th year as a band with the release of its seventh album titled Amuse De Q, a collection of songs that highlight the lyrical talent of frontman Ryan Rosoff who presents a unique perspective of the world during the Quarantine (The “Q” in the title.) 

The recently released album mirrors Rosoff’s unique journey as a music artist throughout his career, from the time he was struggling with the release of his songs to the creation of the band that allowed him to work with some of the industry’s most talented instrumentalists. 

The album features seven powerful, adroit, and diverse songs: “Bombs Away,” “Keyboard Soldier,” “How Could You?” “Set It Down,” “Melpomene,” “Amuse De Q,” and “Omega Son.” Among all the albums he has produced, Rosoff offers that Amuse De Q is his favorite, as he dedicated so much of his energy and time to write the songs, record them, and mix and master them during the pandemic. After one listen, we agree: the album is Little King’s most accomplished and personal work yet.

Making the album possible at such a challenging time in history is, in itself, quite an accomplishment. More than being a showcase of exceptional musical talents, it is an album that tells a story of survival, persistence, and positivity despite the crisis that the whole world is currently facing. Choosing to stay productive in the past year helped Rosoff and his bandmates brave the pandemic, and Little King is not the same band it was a few years ago, as it celebrates every member’s musical maturity. 

Joining Rosoff Amuse De Q are Manny Tejeda on bass and back-up vocals, Eddy Garcia on drums, Jessica Flores on STUNNING lead vocals for “How Could You?” David Hamilton on cello, Christine Hernandez on violin, Asher Syrinx Rosoff on keyboards, Becca Gonzales on back-up vocals, and Bryan Bowles on hand drums. Overall, the album is an exciting mix of its members’ unique experiences during the quarantine season, most especially Rosoff’s personal realizations along the way. All the songs in the latest album were written by him. While some of his bandmates contributed their bass, drum, string, and vocal parts (Flores shines, in particular), the very essence of the tracks predominantly reflects his artistry. 

Among the tracks found in the album, Ryan Rosoff feels closest to “Bombs Away,” which gives a commentary on what it was like to be watching the news in March and April 2020, when the whole world started to see the damaging extent of COVID-19. He also finds “Keyboard Soldier” to be one of his favorites in the album as it highlights the negativity found in social media, the BLM movement, social injustice, and his personal insights on Donald Trump’s leadership. “How Could You?” is also something he is very proud of as he reveals the ordeal of some of his female friends who have been suffering in abusive domestic relationships that worsened during the quarantine period. To give this song more life, he chose to have Jessica Flores sing the lead. 

The release of Amuse De Q is just the beginning of more exciting possibilities in the future for Little King, which includes the release of several music videos. As this generation strives to completely overcome COVID-19, Ryan Rosoff is confident that his band will be instrumental in making people think through the messages within their records. He also envisions their music inspiring others to continue to create and do what they are most passionate about without compromising their health and safety. 

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This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Music Observer.


This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Music Observer.