Leikyn Bravo, an Inspirational and Passion-Fueled Musician Set to Make Waves With Her Debut as a Solo Artist

Discovering one’s passion is the easy part, but if there is anything that adulthood teaches anyone, it is the fact that it does not take a lot to fall out of love with what they once held dear. In particular, countless artists have ended up losing interest in their craft due to several reasons. For some, developing a fascination for something else extinguished their desire to make a name for themselves in the industry, while for others, it is during the process of materializing their dreams that they lost sight of themselves. In the case of Leikyn Bravo, trying to conform to other people’s definition of success led to her first big fall out with music. Today, she brings with her an inspiring story that resonates with millions of aspirants worldwide as she carves a path toward the summit of the music scene.

Leikyn Bravo is a multi-talented figure who graduated with a Bachelor’s in Songwriting from the renowned Berklee College of Music. Ever since she was young, Leikyn Bravo has always had a deep-seated love for music. Growing up, there was nothing else she wanted to do more than have her voice be heard, and her songs touch hearts. “For as long as I can remember, there has always been a song in my heart and a tune on my lips. This remained true until I hit my early twenties,” shares the multifaceted personality. The efforts she expended to change her music and image in the hopes of satisfying others and meeting their conception of success led her astray. Fortunately, with the support of her friends and family, this rising star managed to reignite her passion for music and get back in the game. 

Currently leaving a mark worldwide, this skillful singer, versatile songwriter, actress, and all-around musician has shared live music in forty-five countries across six continents. Not only has she fronted and toured with the EDM band Sounds Limitless and danced the samba, but she has also drummed with the Brazilian batucada Grooversity, graced a Broadway Chicago stage, and launched songs that have found a place in an official IMDb movie. Armed with an impressive portfolio and an arsenal of skills, she is ready to take center stage as a solo artist.

Set to debut this year, Leikyn Bravo will hit the ground running with her album titled “Songs You’ll Never Hear.” Years in the making, this compilation is a glimpse into her journey and will shed light on the numerous obstacles she had to overcome to make it in the industry, including having doors slammed in her face and losing and finding her love for music. 

Apart from cementing her name as an artist to watch out for, Leikyn Bravo hopes to prove the naysayers wrong with her upcoming debut. Highly driven to counter their claims that she is nothing more than a pretty girl with a pretty voice, this inspiring icon aims to show the world that she is in the game to win it. Above anything else, she also wishes to send across the message that success is a goal that a person can define for themselves and achieve in the long run so long as they are determined and committed. 

Learn more about Leikyn Bravo by visiting her website

Glenda Drewery
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