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Land & Ammo Is Set to Revolutionize Folk Music With Its Upcoming Debut Release

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While there are a lot of great acts in the music industry today, not all of them have what it takes to branch out into various genres. After all, exploring different musical styles may not always translate positively or even backfire. However, the versatile Rob Bailey is fearlessly forging a new path alongside Jake Hill through their innovative group—Land & Ammo

The emerging band aims to put a brand new spin on the beloved American folk music. With Rob Bailey’s extensive experience and propensity for going outside the box, the duo is already making a buzz in the music scene. 

When asked what makes Land & Ammo unique, the brilliant man insightfully shared, “I think what really separates us from our competition is the fresh look we bring to the genre. And I believe we are making music for everyone. I think the gang vocals and the acoustic guitar and our two voices fare extremely well together and, although they are aggressive, will be easily digestible to the general public.”

He went on to say, “I think that a normal person that may not be interested in folk music traditionally may be interested in this. So we really spent some time navigating through what we think it is to be American without taking it too far down a political path.”

Creating one-of-a-kind music is nothing new for Rob Bailey, who possesses a highly diverse discography. He had a stellar solo career with the heavy-hitting album, The Difference. On top of that, his former group, Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard, is known for revolutionizing electronic workout music by carving out their own unique sound within the electronic genre.

Because of this, the band previously quickly gained fame and produced popular songs such as “Hungry” and “Hold Strong.” Its hit track “Beast” was even remixed by none other than Busta Rhymes and was featured in the short film South Pole.

This time, the gifted artist showcases his unrivaled musical prowess in folk music. The visionary explained, “Although we are telling an ominous tale, the song still feels upbeat like a battle cry. It is a song that truly gets in the listener and encourages them to chant along. I think when I picture American folk music, it seems to lack energy. We bring that energy.”

Land & Ammo is undoubtedly a highly promising act with a fresh sound that will surely captivate audiences and listeners worldwide. Fans and music enthusiasts should keep an eye out as Land & Ammo prepares for its debut release. The eponymous single will be available for streaming on all digital platforms on May 1st. In addition, the band will also drop the Youtube Premiere of its music video on the same day. 

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