Jessica Dalby and Karine Sho-Time Thornton Foster a Business Partnership that Cultivates Massive Success

The culture of hip-hop has cultivated countless partnerships and relationships over the years. Along with good music, hip-hop has built a repertoire of seasoned industry professionals who continue to thrive within the industry due to their shared passion for the genre. Such is the case for Jessica Dalby and her husband Robert Dalby, who forged a long-lasting connection with Karine Sho-Time Thornton. Together, their partnership has allowed them to lay the foundations of a hip-hop empire that continues to grow to this day.

Jessica Dalby is a seasoned entrepreneur who attained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in sociology. Throughout her entire career, she has been asked why she chose to work in the music industry despite all the challenges and obstacles the task entailed. Nevertheless, Jessica stood strong and let her determination take over as she continued to persevere in the industry, attaining success like no other.

In a male-dominated industry, Jessica Dalby stands tall as a successful female in the music industry, proving to the world that empowered women can achieve a lot of things in the face of the challenges imposed on them by society. Jessica does not view business from a gender spectrum but from an objective viewpoint. This perspective has guaranteed her professionalism through transparency and integrity. As she continued to pave her own path in the music industry, she met Karine Sho-Time Thornton and fostered a professional partnership with him.

Karine then met with Jessica’s husband, Robert Dalby, who was an avid fan of hip-hop as well. Both of them found a shared passion in battle rap, so Karine added Robert on Sho-Time Battle Rap League’s roster as a business partner. The partnership remains as strong as it is today, with Robert and Jessica establishing their own company that aims to push the boundaries of hip-hop.

Jessica and Robert Dalby began Diggie the Progression of Hip-Hop LLC, providing them a platform to pay respects to a wide array of artists that have impacted the hip-hop culture and paved the way to what it has become today. “We continue to be forward thinkers and thought leaders about independent artists. We felt as we continued our path speaking on the progression of hip-hop and its impact this will also provide independent artists a broader knowledge as to the path that was laid for them,” said Jessica Dalby.

Diggie the Progression of Hip-Hop is unlike any other hip-hop brand. It completely opens up the platform to professionally interview and showcase independent artists through video and audio platforms. It is an avenue for independent artists to have their voices heard, allowing them to stay relevant and keep their exposure to a maximum level so that they can further impact the culture in their own way.

Jessica and Robert Dalby have managed to cement themselves in the music industry. In line with this, they have established a second business called P.U.S.H. Entertainment LLC. The abbreviation stands for Proceed Until Something Happens. As a woman in the music business, Jessica is fully confident that she can propel herself to continuous growth with her husband right by her side. Nowadays, she has tapped into artist management, putting her modeling portfolio together, networking with film companies, and dipping her toes into several other projects.

With the full support of her husband, Jessica Dalby knows fully well that success is all but guaranteed. As an empowered woman, she hopes to inspire other women to reach for their dreams and attain success the way that they want to.

To know more about Jessica Dalby and her company, make sure to visit her company’s official website. Follow them on their social media accounts on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook for more live updates.

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