Introducing DJ Don Nova: Rising Artist and Entrepreneur Out to Build an Empire

Although building an empire may sound challenging, overwhelming, or intimidating, DJ Don Nova proves that it doesn’t have to remain as a mere dream. Anyone who is willing to put in the required elbow grease for building such a legacy can surely obtain it, and the artist is the perfect example. 

Born Donald Noble, DJ Don Nova is a rising artist, DJ, and entrepreneur from Queens, NY. He makes music for various events and collaborates with other artists in the industry to continually grow his brand and learn from others. DJ Don Nova is set to release his album in the fourth quarter of 2022, and it is already making a buzz within the music community, seeing how his five-track EP gained a lot of traction in 2021 on Spotify and Apple Music. Backed by tremendous success from his previous drops, there’s no doubt that DJ Don Nova’s upcoming album will also captivate the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

DJ Don Nova aims to inspire and empower people with the story he tells through his music. “I feel like I have a lot of things that people can learn from. I can enlighten people on a lot of different things as well–being an artist DJ, people seeing how I put together fashion and incorporate that into my music as well,” the artist said. His unique personality, coupled with his natural charm for winning hearts, makes DJ Don Nova one of the most promising artists of his generation. He wants people to see his genuine narrative and has always been humble in his music journey despite reaching many milestones in his career. 

In addition, DJ Don Nova believes that the music industry is big enough for everyone. Therefore, instead of competing with others, he focuses his energy on improving himself and his music. “I don’t feel like I have competition. The only person I’m really competing with is myself,” he said. DJ Don Nova is confident that his music is powerful enough to rise to the top because he is putting so much energy and soul into every track he releases. Furthermore, he merges his talent with an unrivaled work ethic and positivity.

Asked what motivated him to pursue music, DJ Don Nova said he never saw himself following the pack. He always wanted to create his own lane and build a brand that people would trust for generations. Hence, he showcased his genuine talent and passion for creating music fearlessly to the world, knowing that it is the best way for him to be heard and at the same time influence people positively. 

On top of building a music career, DJ Don Nova is also thriving as an entrepreneur. He currently manages a successful consulting company in New York City dealing with various real estate ventures. 

In five years, DJ Don Nova envisions himself traveling the world, establishing his brand as a respected household name worldwide. Always a big dreamer, the artist sees himself winning the Grammys and scaling his brand into a multi-million dollar venture in the music industry. He also wants to explore ways of merging both his music venture and his real estate consulting company. 

Having his hands full for both his music and entrepreneurial journey, DJ Don Nova shared that this is merely the beginning of the empire he envisions for himself in the future. As he continues to tread on many fulfilling paths, DJ Don Nova aims to amplify that no goal is ever too big for one who is not afraid to dream.

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