Harrison Chimzim Anokwuru – A Revolutionary Singer Who Changed the Music World

About Harrison chimzim anokwuru

Harrison chimzim anokwuru is a Nigeria based singer, who felt the need that Nigerian music should touch the reality of its people, should resonate with the socio-political and economic realities. He also propagated that music should be used as a medium to convey messages to the masses.

About his childhood

The Afrobeat exponent known as Chyzzi is an award-winning Nigerian Afro-fusion singer and songwriter. He was born on 25th July 1994 in Elekahia. His family had five members during his birth. 

Chyzzi began his primary education at PHC. He shifted to Bayelsa for lower six education but had to move to Ghana for acclimatization problems. There he completed his secondary school education at Seven Great Princess Academy. He proceeded to Wisconsin University and later to Northern Cyprus where he studied Computer Information. 

His view on the Nigerian music

The Adroit Nigerian Afrobeat singer when asked about Nigerian music said, the music industry in Nigeria has begun experimenting and creating songs that have a specific concept. The music is not empty, it carries powerful messages. The number of music lovers who look out for meaningful music has increased considerably which led to the expansion of the music market. According to him, conscious music will reign in Nigeria predominantly.

According to the Afrobeat singer, Nigeria was once dominated by stereotyped music where there was no reason why the song was created and sung. There was no depth in the songs and no clarification could be given why the songs were written and produced. The only reason that could be cited behind such songs was that they could be played at a party, and people can dance to them and enjoy them. It was only preferred by the DJs to play at parties or pubs.

But he strongly believes that the era of empty, baseless music has evaded and been replaced by meaningful songs with definite meaning and messages. Chyzzi says that artists like 2Baba, Wizkid, Burna Boy and many others have propagated conscious music. They have been the forerunner of music that talks about society, instills values and entertainingly teaches morality.

What Chyzzi thinks of himself

When asked to describe himself, he portrayed himself as a conscious artist, whose background, education, environmental and societal awareness along with his experiences have shaped the person who he is and has great influence over his music.

His lyrics are influenced by his everyday experiences which helped him to spread a message to the young generation. He says that he takes inspiration from every environment and situation that he goes through. He implements his everyday experiences in his lyrics which in turn helps him to convey a message in his tunes. He aims to create soulful, sweet music that will inspire the youths. He intends to spread love and consciousness through his music and wishes to empower the listener with motivational verses.

His accomplishments

Chyzzi is a self-made artist who learned by himself how to use various recording software and ended up creating a home studio where he can practice music and ameliorate his art. His first single release named ‘ Paranoid’ created an overwhelming response globally. His current EP is topping the charts and is maintaining the prime position.

According to the award-winning, globally acclaimed artiste, he is destined for stardom and he further stated that his recent performance at an event with Wande Coal received a huge response and massive turnout.

His work, ‘Hymn of a Negro’ has reached over sixty million streams across all platforms. Chyzzi eventually teased the release for his second EP titled “SEXTAPE” which narrates a mushy love story and which is also overwhelmingly accepted by the audience.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chyzzi94/ 

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/chyzzi94

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CHYZZITUNES

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chyzzitunes/

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