Giorgio Leone IT Is Releasing His New Techno Music EP in August 2021, “We Overcome”

Making his presence felt in the global musical realm, Giorgio Leone (IT) now has come to be known as one of the most versatile Techno artists who binds the audience with spells of strong music matched with equally meaningful lyrics.

Born in Italy, Giorgio is known for creating euphoric music delighting the audience and performing thunderous programs on the stage, proving his Techno talent. Currently, Giorgio is based out of Taiwan, but his talent and unique style made him globally famous. 

After having proved himself as an expert in the music of the Techno genre, Giorgio has founded his own music record label known as Our Muzik Records. This company is currently engaged in releasing music in global markets.

One of the specialties of Our Muzik Records is that it makes best use of the talents of new artists from Taiwan. As a result, Giorgio’s platform, Our Muzik Records, acts in a major way in popularizing such new talents across the world.

On August 9, 2021, Giorgio’s new Techno music is going to be released. The music label is Frequenza Records which is based on the Techno genre. This new Techno is an EP containing three tracks which are: i. We overcome ii. Loophole iii. Edivince

All these Techno numbers, true to the style of Giorgio, are lyrically unique, strong in sound or blended with thunderously thumping rhythms releasing electrifying energy and tune-wise exuberant. He made all these possible musically through bold sounds and the creation of a dreamy atmosphere on the stage. Music flows at each and every layer of rendition of the song, making it extraordinary. This creates immense energy among the audience.

Some of the prominent ones released in 2021 by Our Muzik Records is “The Heartless”. His upcoming new release with Prospect records is also likely to be released by this year. 

In 2021, Giorgio also released a number of other ones, including “My love for you”, “Give it to me” (Vulkano Records), Huambo Records: 2021-03-06 Wmc Miami Sampler 2021 (Various Artists), Neu Gravity: EP Infectious – 2020-12-11, EP Resistance – 2021-1-14; Ep Don’t Wanna Be – 2021-06-18 and MisuMisu Records: Charlene – 2021-02-15.

Giorgio has a vast number of fan-following who regularly follow him on various social media platforms. It is more so as he brought about a new wave in music in Taiwan, adding new socio-cultural avenues in that country. 

Our Muzik Records is also helping upcoming artists of Taiwan. This music house is the first house/techno label in Taiwan. Giorgio has a unique knack for blending human emotion and sentimentalism of the people in his number, thus connecting him with the audience.  

Our Muzik Records carved out a special place for itself by holding a number of underground parties and musical events. Giorgio’s superior creativity found its best expression in such events. He is particularly known for his stage performance through his Yellow Summer Groove. 

Giorgio is now around 30. However, he proved himself to be a world-class DJ and musician at this young age through his talent and versatility. He also got rewarded for his talent by becoming a sought-after artist at the international level. This is a great feat for a young musician. 

The secret of Giorgio emerging as an international entertainer through lyrics and music resulted from his mastery in Technos and capacity to present the music in a new form, something that the world was looking for a long time.  

Giorgio is one of the few musicians who has the ability to keep the audience engaged, whether it is a stage performance or a musical number.

Find Giorgio Leone IT on Instagram, website and Spotify.

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