Doja Cat Asks Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp a Favor

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We all feel thirsty and dry during the summer… pop stars included.

Doja Cat, for instance, has made it clear that she wants to get hooked up to Stranger Things’ newfound favorite, Joseph Quinn. So she has asked Will Byers, aka Noah Schnapp, for help.

Doja’s interest in Quinn, who portrays the beloved longhaired character Eddie Munson, started with the first half of the show’s season 4 when the “Say So” singer dropped a hot tweet: “joseph quinn fine as shit.”

After confessing to this British tidbit – and probably consuming the show’s final episodes – Doja entered Joseph Quinn’s fansite chat on July 6.

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And if you thought Doja was playing, Schnapp made a revelation by uploading it to TikTok, where Doja is bravely trying to sneak into Britten’s DMs. The video was released with Doja’s 2020 song “Boss Bitch.”

“Noah, can u tell Joseph to hmu,” Doja queries, immediately adding, “Wait, no. Does he have a gf?” 

That’s what a woman would do, yeah? Schnapp went on to advise the award-winning musician to slide into Quinn’s DMs directly. But obviously, she has thought of that, if only she has the means to find his socials. 

“He doesn’t have a DM to slide in,” she rants. And then, like the wingman that he should be, Schnapp sent a link to Quinn’s Instagram page with a message, “Right here ma’am.” 

We will probably find out the result of Schnapp’s love bridging, perhaps in another TikTok?

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