DGdidit Giving Florida Some Musical Bragging Rights

Every town or city has something it’s known for, be it notable locations, events, or persons. Straight out of Madison, Florida, David Fletcher, popularly known as DGdidit, is on his way to stardom. He moved to Tampa, where he got a solid hold on his music and began to put his materials out to the public. He began to upload music instrumentals to YouTube, which caught the attention of many music lovers and musicians like Dave East, Jim Jones, and Johnny Cino, among others. DGdidit continued to post his beats until Trinidad James picked up one of his beats and used it to make a song. This gave David Fletcher even more confidence that he was doing something right.

DGdidit began to rap on his beats before uploading them, and he got endorsements and encouragement from artists like Waka Flocka, Downtown Dion, and Gio Dee. It took other people recognizing his talents for him to break out of his shell. Once he realized his abilities, DGdidit decided to be more than a producer by showing the world the beauty of his musical talent.

Since DGdidit had already gained traction on YouTube before going mainstream, many of his audience already formed opinions about his sound, style, and artistic representation. Veteran rapper Waka Flocka once called him the “Next Pharrell,” which was a major confidence boost for him as a person and an artist. He stopped putting limitations on his abilities and decided to go full-fledged by showcasing his talents to the world. As an independent artist, DGdidit understands the amount of work he has to do to become a superstar, and right now, that’s all he’s focused on.

DGdidit’s motivation comes from the growth he has experienced over the years as a musician. “I never thought much about music professionally or as the only thing I wanted to do. I started producing beats because I enjoyed it, but now, it has become so much more for me,” he says. He sees his music career becoming big so that it can help him give back to the community. David Fletcher has focused on growing as an artist and a brand to improve his life and others’ lives.

Building a music career from scratch and then catching the attention of many people, including some musical greats, are some of the noteworthy things that DGdidit has experienced. Now, as his career seems to be taking off, his goal is to become successful enough to help others achieve success too. Putting Florida on the map for positive reasons is a feat he’s passionate about, and nothing can deter him from making that happen. Despite the cutthroat competition in the music industry today, DGdidit is optimistic that whatever a person wants to do is worth pursuing anyway. “Nobody should give up because it’s the easy thing to do. If there’s anything you want, take the step. Once you do that, you are one step closer to making your dreams happen,” he says.Listen to DGdidit’s music on SoundCloud or follow him on Instagram.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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