Dan Mace At The Top Of His Game With His Most Creative Smash-hit ‘The Bru Show’

Released in 2022, ‘The Bru Show’ by Dan Mace is currently streaming on Discovery+ and has garnered a huge round of applause by the audience and critics a like. In the first episode of the show, Dan attempts to turn a box truck into a giant drivable camera to capture the beauty of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. In the second, he creates the wildest daily vlog you’ve ever seen with a 16mm Cinema film camera. And in the third he makes a film with 100 people from all over the world. The ideas just get crazier and more entertaining from there.

In recent years, Dan’s YouTube channel has grown to over 770,000 subscribers and currently has over 35 million views. Dan is an award-winning filmmaker, YouTuber, and founder of JOE Films. His bio states that over his 10-year career in the industry, he has directed over 100 commercials, music videos, documentaries, and short films across four continents.

“I’ve decided to pour every ounce of creativity, combined with a hell of a lot of planning, and develop a twelve-part show. The final chapter, if you will.”, Dan explains in his video ‘The beginning of the end’. 

“In this show, I do everything I’ve always wanted to try. Everything I’ve never had the resources or time to attempt. Everything that’s now been made possible by partnering with discovery+. I really want to go out with a bang”, asserts Dan. His partnership has allowed him to merge the creative freedom of YouTube with the production quality of more commercial media to bring the audience the best of both worlds.

Dan is also challenging the mainstream by releasing each episode of ‘The Bru Show’ on his own YouTube channel just a few weeks after its launch on discovery+, allowing anyone to enjoy the show even if discovery+ isn’t available to them. Big-name YouTube stars like Logan Paul and Casey Neistat – who recently released a documentary on influencer David Dobrik – also appear throughout the episodes.

‘With YouTube I started this thing called a ‘Bru Community’. It’s a term here in South Africa for a like minded friend. […] If I wanted to leave something behind, I would want to leave a community of people that think a certain way. I think creativity is the ability to create long-term conversations with people that stick with them forever, and that helps people to grow and to believe in themselves’, says Dan.

‘The Bru Show’ is actually the third season of Dan Mace’s YouTube series “Not Normal”, which saw him travelling the world to help others complete their ideas. The show ramped up the collaborative relationship between YouTube creators and viewers, really securing a sense of community in his audience.

Dan has also received various accolades for his work including three Young Director Awards at Cannes Lions, an African Cristal Film Grand Prix, Bronze Loerie Awards, Ciclope Africa Editing Craft awards, and Creative Circle ad of the month, amongst others.

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