Chloe Freedman Supports Artists With Red Tape Management

Musicians and recording artists are undoubtedly talented, but they may not know enough about the business side of the music industry to navigate it successfully. Their lack of knowledge or expertise may lead them to miss out on opportunities that could move their career forward. Artists looking for support in realizing their true potential are sure to find it with Chloe Freedman and Red Tape Management.

Chloe Freedman first entered the music industry to explore the world of public relations. But her experience soon led to the realization that she was much more drawn to music management. So Chloe sought out mentors to work with and learn from to further develop her newfound passion. In the course of her journey, she has had the privilege of working with top executives and music producers, including Max Gousse, Rodney Jenkins, and Cory Rooney. 

This manager and CEO is currently based in Los Angeles, California, but she worked on successful music projects in the United Kingdom before her LA move. During her time in the UK, Chloe Freedman worked with leading artists, joining them on the road. She has also worked with the X-Factor Music Team and has managed several X-Factor artists. 

In moving to Los Angeles, Chloe Freedman placed herself in the center of the artistic hub of the world. She started Red Tape Management to serve as a place where aspiring artists and musicians can grow and develop their careers. Chloe said, “I want to build Red Tape Management into a groundbreaking platform for musicians. This is what motivates me as I show up every day for work.”

Chloe Freedman is incredibly passionate about serving the music industry. As a result, she never passes up an opportunity to gain valuable management experience. “The more I learn and grow as a manager, the better I can help the artists I work with,” Chloe said, “I do what I do because I genuinely want the best for them.”

Even before Chloe began working in the music industry, she was involved in the performing arts. After graduating from college, she attained a National Diploma in Dance and Performing Arts from Margaret Howard Theatre School. With her excellent skills, Chloe Freedman taught adults and children about performing arts before making a career transition into music management. 

Red Tape Management is an agency where artists can come and receive the support they need as they grow their careers. With this company, Chloe Freedman builds relationships with many key players in the industry. She said, “I love connecting with people and artists from diverse backgrounds. I find that I appreciate their drive to succeed, and I like that we have that in common.” 

So far, Chloe Freedman has worked with artists such as Saweetie, Rich the Kid, Lady Leshurr, and Big Narstie. She and these artists have a shared passion for chasing their dreams and working hard to achieve their goals. “I got into music management because I wanted to help promising artists live their dreams and reach their highest potential,” Chloe said. “I believe that with Red Tape Management, talented artists can secure their first major break and become the next big star.”

Chloe Freedman is the CEO of Red Tape Management, a management and consultancy agency based in Los Angeles, California. To learn more about her work, you can visit this website. You can also follow Chloe on Instagram for more updates.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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