Brotherofcolor Shares How He Managed to Expand His Brand From Content Creator to Influencer

There was a time when the only way one could reach celebrity status was through music or entertainment, the latter of which was almost always through acting. But since the 2000s, video streaming platforms like YouTUbe have given charismatic and talented individuals an avenue to perform. Moreover, since gadgets started evolving, platforms like Vine and TikTok have ushered in a new era with a new generation of entertainers. Paris Kinsey is among those making viewers laugh through his TikTok channel, where he goes by the name brotherofcolor.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, brotherofcolor’s venture into content creation was not so different from many of his peers. He started filming his works in the early 2010s, which had only been a habit at the time. Over a decade later, his platform grew bigger than he could have imagined.

Brothercolor was born out of a passion for creating content and making music for others to enjoy. Paris had not given much thought to building his own brand until he joined TikTok and started doing works that generated a positive reception. Since his success, the content creator set out to work hard and maintain consistency.

The content creator’s rise in content creation started with a recording that showed he lost a bet to his sister and handed her cash—the clip circulated around the web, reaching millions of viewers with reposts from celebrities. The video catapulted his career with his following on TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms growing. With more people noticing his content, brotherofcolor set out to steer his career as an influencer, collaborating with a few brands, including fast-food chain McDonald’s, where he was the brand ambassador. 

Brotherofcolor started his social media when he made his TikTok channel in late 2019. He started to gain more followers in a short period until he eventually went viral with his losing bet. “I believe a lot of my followers follow me because of the unique type of content I create,” said Paris. “I really try and create content that the viewer can connect to and enjoy while being educated and entertained at the same time.”

As a content creator, brotherofcolor creates clips that cater to anyone who enjoys watching and listening to his brand of work. “The content I create is very diverse so that anyone who watches could enjoy, whether it’s a young kid or an older adult,” 

With the number of influencers on the digital landscape, brotherofcolor strives to create different and diverse content. However, he makes sure that his works aren’t just to generate views and only films content he can be proud of. “Every piece of content I’ve created, I enjoyed the process,” Paris revealed. “Even without the success that I’ve had, I would still do it because I truly love what I do.” 

Although he already has a massive following, brotherofcolor hopes to see his following grow more with brand rippling throughout the globe, raking in new audiences so they can see what he has to offer. The content creator also hopes to get the opportunity to appear on television and film with his sights on creating his own TV show.

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