Anna Goryacheva Set to Release a New Single Ahead of Her Upcoming Debut Album

Having made significant progress on the music business front despite having a thriving music career, Anna Goryacheva is now set to release a new single as her fans and audiences worldwide anticipate her debut album slated for release on Spotify and other platforms in the coming months.

The about-to-be-released single is an instrumental track composed by Phillip Glass, one of the most influential musicians and composers in the United States and the modern music world, known for his minimalist compositions. Working on the music by Phillip Glass was Anna‘s way of trying something new and different from what her fans are used to. Being the classical pianist that she is, she has created a comfort zone in working with composers from the past like Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, and more.

In her words, “Now that I’ve performed music of composers from the past and living ones, I have discovered how infinitely flexible the contemporary composers are and how open they are to exploring new paths in music. Once I discovered this work, I was amazed how it slowly escalates and envelopes you, it resonated with me immediately.  This particular piece, Etude No. 9, put me in a hypnotic, meditative mood, which I have never experienced performing traditional ‘classical’ music. Recording this piece was an artistic experiment, and I’m passionate about highlighting the work of Philip Glass. It is such a pleasure to discover and perform modern music and celebrate its beauty.”

Anna Goryacheva‘s journey as a musician began decades ago when she was only six years old. At that young age, she already began to perform and appear publicly, and by the age of nine, she debuted with the orchestra performing Haydn’s Concerto in D major in Hungary. By her tenth birthday, she appeared as a soloist with Kaunas Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pavel Berman on the orchestra’s tour in Eastern Europe. She took performing in front of people as a part of the business and has developed herself to be a powerful performer ever since.

Once her highly anticipated single gets released on April 15th, the debut album will follow, and her listeners will get the chance to listen to works by Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Satie, and more. Announcing herself this way and captivating her audience with her upcoming body of work is a step in the right direction towards cementing her place in the music world and endearing herself to the hearts of music lovers and fans of classical piano music.

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