Andrew Neil Among Top Musicians to Watch Out for in 2021

Not everyone can say they have come out of a series of tragedies stronger and better. However, singer-songwriter Andrew Neil is one of the incredible few who have triumphantly beaten the odds.

The one-of-a-kind recording artist has recently been named one of Music Observer’s Top 10 Artists in 2021 alongside some of the biggest names in the music scene, such as Drake, The Weeknd, and Olivia Rodrigo. The impressive singer has landed on the publication’s highly-coveted list because of his extraordinary journey and deeply inspiring music.

The talented man’s journey as a musician had quite an unconventional start. He started composing songs after sustaining head injuries following a car crash in 2009. Somehow, the melodies and tunes come naturally to Andrew, and he simply plays what he hears in his head. Even without having any formal music training, he was able to impressively teach himself how to play the guitar and keyboard as he wrote songs.

However, the musical prodigy suffered another setback when he was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder and schizoaffective disorder. However, being the resilient individual that he is, Andrew Neil has found a way to express his mental health struggles through music. 

After a particularly concerning psychotic episode in July 2013, he was then incarcerated for 7 months before being found NGRI and committed to the state hospital system, where he stayed for three years. Fortunately, he was allowed to bring his guitar and a battery-powered recorder. During his stay in the institution, he was able to write and record 70 songs. 

Wanting to share his awe-inspiring story with the rest of the world, Andrew decided to release an album that features the songs he made while in the hospital. He curated 11 singles into his first album called Code Purple. Surprisingly, Andrew Neil made history by producing the only album wherein all tracks were created and recorded inside a state mental hospital. 

Since then, the musician’s career took off. As he continued writing and making music, he had released two albums Merry Go Round in 2018 and Freak in 2019. The latter was even finished while the artist was undergoing intense chemotherapy sessions to treat his Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. Thankfully, he was declared in remission in November of 2019.

More than his natural prowess and admirable dedication to music, what makes Andrew Neil exceptional is his ability to inspire others. Much like how music has saved his life, the singer pays it forward by making a profound impact on the lives of his listeners. 

Unlike most of today’s music, his songs do not follow a specific formula to make it popular. Instead, his songs are made with a genuine intention to connect and relate with people. 

Andrew Neil has proven many times that he is a dedicated musician committed to his craft, and no amount of adversity or hardships can make him stop pursuing his passion. His latest album, Sunny Side, was released on all digital streaming platforms on June 15, 2021. The artist is looking to an extremely limited vinyl release of the album in October 2021.Learn more about Andrew Neil’s journey by checking out his website. To know more about his music, check him out on Spotify.

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