A fatal Fargo police shooting was justified, according to the attorney general.

AP — FARGO, N.D. According to North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley.

The shooting death of a man at an apartment complex in July by a Fargo police officer was justifiable.

Officer Adam O’Brien, who has been with the police for more than ten years, allegedly discharged his revolver at Shane Netterville, 28, of Jamestown after the latter disobeyed orders from authorities and raced away in a stolen van while nearly evading them. After suffering a chest injury, Netterville passed away at a hospital some hours later.

which one has longer shooting range berdoo or fargo canyon?

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The Fergusson (sp) police are different. If I remember right, they have a “death agenda” which is a contract between the city and the police so that when one of them dies (on or off duty), their family is paid well. Likewise, if the cop kills someone, no harm no foul for him or her. It’s sickening to me that this is allow in this country. We are moving into an era of injustice with police being above the law.
You are confusing Fargo with Fergusson. Since the shooting of Mike Brown, there has been a tremendous amount of unrest in Ferguson, MO. Because of this, all police officers are on edge and over react to any perceived threat.

I believe it was Ferguson, Missouri. It is a very small community, and Mike Brown was the only African American person shot to death there in the last 40 years. Black people are actually a minority in that town.

5 Reason why Fargo police shooting was justified:

1. The man rammed the police car, and refused to stop.
2. He was armed and had a gun in his hand, which is against the law in that state.
3. He want for multiple felonies
4. He want by the FBI for over selling drugs sold on back east to an undercover agent
5. The Police officer got into the chase in a very fast car, because he risked his life to save someone’s from an attempted murder of an officer or from being kidnapped.
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I was not aware that Fargo is different than Fergusson. I also require a driver’s license. I will keep this in mind.

On the day of the shooting, the AP article reference above note: “The shooting came two days after a Richland County, S.C., deputy sheriff was kill while investigating vandalism to his patrol car. The sheriff say the deputy shot in the head with a rifle during a traffic stop and that he was working alone without backup when he approach the suspect’s car. The sheriff say a statement from FBI agents indicate the shooting was not justify.”
The man in the car Netterville was driving was not African-American, but white. The AP article continued: “Wrigley’s letter said Netterville’s death resulted from his own actions, and that O’Brien was justified in shooting.
“We have determined that there was no malice or wrongful intent evident in the actions of Officer O’Brien,” Wrigley said.
“It is our conclusion that Officer O’Brien used reasonable force under these circumstances.”

Final Words:

This is the third Fargo police shooting death in the last 2 years, and there have been over 20 shootings by police in North Dakota since 2004. In general, shootings by police in North Dakota have increased from 1 per year to 5 per year in North Dakota during that time period. Not a single police shooting in Fargo since 2009 has been ruled unjustified.
A question.

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