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  • Articles should contain 700-1200 words.
  • We require original content. Published articles online and offline are strictly discouraged.
  • Only articles related to CelebrityEventMusicMovies, and TV Shows are accepted in Music Observer.
  • Proper citation of facts, data, and quotes must be addressed properly. The source must be cited and provide the links if the information is available online. 
  • Facts, data, and quotes from third-party resources must be cited. When quoting from a source, identify Please double-check grammar and spelling before submitting.
  • Images will be taken care of the Shutterstock for clear copyright. 

Music Observer offers quality and valuable information to its readers. Hence, advertising your product, business or service is strictly discouraged. Only 1-3 links are allowed and it will be reviewed by our editor.

Read all the guidelines before you submit your written works. Agreement on the terms and conditions is effective upon submission of the articles. Requests for deletion of links or articles will not be entertained. 

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