Tia Gunz Spreads the Joy of Life Through Mosthigh Entertainment

“Music is not only a gift; it is a way of life!” is a quote that the maverick Tia Gunz lives by. With  music inspired by a drive to expose the universal truth, her music is one that resonates with the spirit and spreads the joy of life through art.

Tia Gunz is an emcee, an innovator, and a visionary, with a powerful passion for spreading the message of love, peace, and truth to put her life on the line for. With a beautiful spirit, each song she creates draws inspiration from a place that only she can go, and it serves not only to educate but also to spur people to action against the injustices in the world. Despite the many hurdles in her path, she continues to bulldoze forward with the intent to empower the oppressed and promote justice for humankind through music. 

Born to a Native American family, Tia Gunz is well-acquainted with the culture of the Native community and the hardships they encounter on a day-to-day basis. Serving as a voice for the oppressed and those fighting for their rights, her music strongly resonates with activists, women, and minorities—especially Native Americans and African Americans.

Tia Gunz acknowledges the fact that the music industry is a largely male-dominated space, and it is an unfortunate truth that being a woman, in itself, serves as a barrier in effectively navigating the space, especially in the genre of hip-hop. Women are easily brushed aside with stereotyping and objectification, and have to work at least five times harder to succeed in the industry. 

Still, music is a way of life for Tia Gunz, and there is no other path for her. With her skill and determination, Mosthigh Entertainment now exists as a successful female-owned and female-organized independent record label.

Since a very young age, Tia Gunz had music as a big part of her life, with her mother, Rutia Sr., being the most influential figure in her life. Her mother was Tia’s first look at what being a DJ was like as she would create live shows on cassette tapes and play the latest tunes.

Music was always their way to bond and to have fun. In tough times, she would keep her children up to date with the latest hits on MTV and BET when available. Tia Gunz fell in love with the industry as a child when she saw a music video with Big Daddy Kane, who, at the time, she only knew as the handsome man on his throne, holding a golden staff.

It was as if her destiny clicked into place when in the same music segment, she saw a music video of a woman—this time that was MC Lyte, sitting on a throne and spitting rhymes like Tia Gunz has never seen a woman do. At that moment, she decided that becoming an emcee is the only path for her. 

With diverse roots in jazz, soul, hip-hop, soul, rock, reggae and gospel music, the music Tia Gunz creates is genuine and from the heart. She strives to honor the Great Spirit, as well as her ancestors, and represent them in the modern world. Music will change the world for the better, and she is the catalyst for that change.

Visit Tia Gunz’s website to find out more about her.

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