The Gore Boyz (TGB) Went Viral with Their New Single ‘Spend A Bag’

The next big boy band The Gore Boyz (TGB), consisting of three brothers from Gastonia/Charlotte, NC is becoming a global phenomenon. The R&B and pop group went viral through their latest single “Spend A Bag.”

The Gore Boyz’ latest single, which has only been released for a month, has already more than 700,000 streams on Spotify and Youtube, and because of its popularity to the audience, their latest single even has a dance challenge. The Gore Boyz’ “Spend A Bag” dance challenge is not only seen on Youtube but also Twitter.

The song is produced by the Grammy Award-winning artist Theron ‘Neff-U’ Feemster, who worked with other R&B and pop artists Mary J. Blige, Nelly, and Ne-Yo, and who created the theme song for the sci-fi hit movie Men In Black.

Herman III (19), Edwin (17), and Sean Michael (15) were molded in the Motown method since the year 2009. The Gore Boyz play instruments, dance, and sing a variety of music that engages all people of all ages. Their charisma and talent even paved a path of opportunity to perform with major names in the music industry just as Justin Bieber. This proves that The Gore Boyz can deliver fresh and new sounds to the audience.

The Gore Boyz has been mentored and guided by hip-hop and R&B stars such as Usher and even the legendary Jackson Five. The three brothers grew up with The Jackson Five’s and Michael Jackson’s songs, which became their inspiration to create music, play an instrument, and learn dancing. The Gore Boyz started out dancing with Tommy Hill of Fuzion Force Charlotte, but for the past seven years, their current choreographer is the four-time award-winning choreographer of the movie Stomp the Yard, Chuck Maldonado. He is also the director of the band’s video “Spend A Bag.”

Aside from being an award-winning choreographer, Maldonado has an impressive resume as he has worked with artists such as Chris Brown. He was also the chief choreographer on the Nickelodeon show Victorious, where the pop star Ariana Grande started her career. For The Gore Boyz’ daily affairs, Big Mike of Day 26 is their manager, and also does their performance and vocal coaching.

Herman, the eldest among the brothers, provides harmonies and plays supporting instruments, while Sean Michael plays the drums and serves as the group’s lead singer. Edwin, on the other hand, plays the guitar and is the main rapper in the band.

“It’s a song that appeals to all audiences, from young to old,” Herman says. “It’s a song that lets people have a great time, which is what we want our music to be about. We create clean and great music—songs that won’t phase out over time.”

Aside from their success in the music industry, each of the boys is an honor roll student and actively participates in the activities in their community. Herman received a full-ride scholarship to Morehouse College where his major is biology pre-med, while Edwin and Sean are just as smart as both are National Honor students, student athletes, and they are leaders in their school.

The Gore Boyz are excited about their future as artists in this generation, as their single continues to gain popularity.

Listen to The Gore Boyz’s music on Apple Music, Spotify or to follow them on their social media.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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