Michael Bernard aka z3r0 Engages Arts and Music Industry Through His Craftsmanship

More and more artists are becoming vital players in the music and arts industry, but only a handful have been blessed with the giftedness to flourish. One of them is z3r0, a creative professional and musician who has built a strong reputation through his groundbreaking music and other creative projects. 

Michael Bernard or better known by his artist name z3r0, is a singer and remixer who is significantly into metal, rap, and orchestral music. His business has the same pronunciation as his name, “O000O000O000,” and is also the exact name of his Soundcloud profile.

Michael played the trumpet throughout high school, and in college, he played as a music major in jazz performance. The inspiring individual practically grew up with music, playing guitar and piano since the second grade. After many years, the foundation of his love for learning various instruments gave him the ability to create music in multiple genres like rap, metal, orchestral, and dubstep.

Currently, Michael takes pride in doing the whole process of producing and creating his songs. He does the same thing with his clothing brand and his website. As he expands his networks, he hopes to attract people who will have an appreciation for his music, which he ensures is one of a kind. 

Aside from producing energetic music, Michael is also into designing clothes, highlighting abstract art-infused sets of clothing such as matching shirts, pants, facemasks, hoodies, scrunchie, and dresses. He has recently expanded his brand into shoes, backpacks and duffle bags and offers canvas prints and posters as well. 

Creating high-quality merchandise with very high-resolution printing makes his work stand out from the crowd. Michael said in an interview that making matching sets is his favorite, such as the z3r0 Sparkle Pattern, which is available on a Shirt, Pants, Hoodie, Mask, Backpack, and Dress.

Much like other individuals who pursue their own paths, the journey was not an easy one for Michael. His loyalty to those he trusted has been tested several times, and after too many unfortunate encounters with the wrong people, he is determined to find a way to be able to stand his own ground. 

On his Instagram, Michael gave a sneak peek of his music through a post with a short clip from a 20-minute uncut segment that was taken out of an unintentionally four-hour recording session. His favorite section out of this cut is around the seven or nine-minute mark. Michael made sure that he incorporated his story into his brand so that it would not just create interest but also depth and meaning to his potential customers.

Michael envisions starting up a membership on his site, which incorporates a philosophy of tool utilization over artistic ability, because he believes that anyone can learn to make fantastic art should they desire to. In an interview, he said: “With willingness and desire to create art, I believe anyone can create advanced artwork from as little as a single brushstroke.” He will be releasing videos and live streams weekly to members with step-by-step instructions as well as other commentary on the process of generating abstract artwork on his phone in Sketchbook by Autodesk.