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‘Big Sky’ Returns with Reba McEntire and Jensen Ackles in the Third Season

Photo: EW

Big Sky returns. This time with Reba McEntire and Jensen Ackles.

With the TV season culminating in the fall, it’s just the right time to return to Helena, Montana, and Dewell and Hoyt’s private detectives.

On Wednesday night, ABC’s Big Sky will officially release its third season at 10pm. Plus, they’ve got a dose of new mystery with some flashy and fresh series regular characters.

Currently renamed Big Sky: Deadly Trails, the third season chronicles the journey of policewoman Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick), Beau Arlen (Ackles) – temporary sheriff, and Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) – a private investigator, as they dive into a group of new mysteries, most notably the case of a missing backpacker.

In the midst of their investigation, they come across Sunny Barnes (McEntire), the director of a family business in the outback who appears to have an intriguing number of missing persons links.

Ahead of the series’ return, EW asked producer Elwood Reid for an update on what to expect when things get worse in the Montana wilderness.

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‘Big Sky’ Mystery

In an interview with EW, Reid revealed the central mystery of the third season. 

“There’s a glamping outfit in Montana that is run by Sunny Barnes and Buck Barnes [Rex Linn]. In this family-run glamping outfit, a bunch of guests come up missing. We begin to realize, as the season progresses, that the Barnes family has a lot of secrets. They may or may not have something to do with some of these disappearances, and in true Big Sky fashion, the people that disappear also have some secrets and may not stay disappeared,” he shared. 

“This season we are also doing little runner mysteries, case-of-the-week formatting, in addition to our big mystery. One of the biggest reasons we’re doing that is we’ve Jensen Ackles. He’s an amazing asset and we wanted him and Jenny Hoyt to get out there and be solving cases the week of, and also, get involved in a big mystery for the season.” 

Additionally, Reid shared how he decided to cast McEntire and Ackles. 

“Jensen is one of those guys that I’ve always wanted to work with. He’s one of those guys that I’ve always loved. He’s someone my daughter and my wife likes, and a lot of guys like. There’s not a lot of people out there that tick all those boxes. And I’d heard nothing but raving from people who worked with him — what an amazing guy he was, what a professional he was,” he said. 

“Mutual friends put us in touch. He’s from Texas. So, I pitched this Texas-type character that finds himself up in Montana. I can’t say enough good things about him. He walks on the set and it changes.”

He added, “Reba is someone who a lot of us grew up with. I had written a character, and I described her as ‘Reba McEntire, circa Tremors.’ I always loved that character. So, I called her and pitched her the character.”

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Olivia Rodrigo Gives High-Schoolers the Experience They Deserve Through Her Concert Film, Sour Prom

Source: Pitchfork

Since the turn of the year, no artist has gained more recognition than Disney star Olivia Rodrigo. Taking the lead in the sleeper hit, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Rodrigo’s performance has led her to pursue a serious career in the music industry, where she has been making the waves. 

Her composition and performance of the song I Am More in the series caught the attention of music executives, leading her to sign a record deal. By January, she made her debut with “Drivers License.” With how stagnant the music industry had become, Rodrigo immediately bagged the number 1 spot on the Billboard chart. In three days, “Drivers License” reached new heights, breaking Spotify’s record for the most streams in a single day, with a record 15.17 million. 

Upon its release, Drivers License went viral on TikTok. The song’s sudden popularity can be attributed to its timeless appeal as it tells a high school love story that ends tragically, something that the youth can relate to and bring nostalgia to the older generation. Drivers License gained further traction when speculations arose that it was intended for her partner and co-star after he allegedly started seeing another actress. While never confirming the allegations, Rodrigo has let her song do all the talking.

In a time when hits falter as quickly as they rise, Olivia Rodrigo’s debut song proves to be an anomaly, accumulating one billion streams worldwide. She quickly followed it with the release of her debut album Sour on May 21. The album includes “Drivers License,” “Deja Vu,” and “Good 4 U.” The album received praises from critics and artists, including Rodrigo’s idol, Taylor Swift, who had nothing but positive words for the budding musician. In addition, other figures in the music industry like Travis Barker, Yungblud, and Kelly Clarkson have praised Rodrigo’s debut album. Rodrigo would later premiere her concert film, Sour Prom, on June 29. 

Sour Prom was streamed online with high anticipation from Rodrigo’s fans. However, drama arose when Courtney Love accused the young artist of plagiarizing the cover art of Hole’s “Live Through This” for Rodrigo’s concert film. The resemblance is not hard to miss with a purple background, a bouquet of roses, and a prom queen with smeared makeup. However, Olivia Rodrigo has debunked the claims. 

The concert film premiered via live stream on YouTube. It began with a limo driving up to a suburban street to pick up Olivia Rodrigo, setting the scene for her songs. Throughout the drive, the singer performs some of her hit songs before arriving at the party. Stepping into the dance floor, Rodrigo unravels into the upbeat track, “Brutal,” shifting the scene to mirror moments from the horror film Carrie. Her classmates then circle the singer as she breaks into a slow song, reflecting on her loneliness on the dance floor surrounded by couples. Rodrigo then breaks into a high-energy song with people mobbing her, symbolizing the pressure to lead an aesthetic life on Instagram. 

With the gym turning into a hot and sweaty setting, Rodrigo makes her way into a dark room filled with photographs that develop into memories. Producing a guitar from nearby, the singer strums to “Enough for You,” a soulful introspection of a relationship that left her feeling less than the other women her ex loved before. After the song, she grabs a nearby suit jacket and puts it over her dress as she wanders back into the dance and through the parking lot. The opening chords to “Drivers License” play out as a crowd welcomes Rodrigo on the football field.

The show concludes with a marching band-accompanied rendition of “Good 4 U,” ending the show on a brighter note and giving many high-schoolers the ending that they were deprived of the past year. 

Authority Titans Creating a Hassle-Free Way for Brands and Individuals to Make the News

Anybody can start a business or launch a brand these days, but the biggest issue is getting the world to trust and know about what they offer. Over the years, entrepreneurs, celebrity brands and product brands have realized the importance of awareness and being in the public eye and are doing everything to achieve that for themselves. Thankfully, a company like Authority Titans was built to help them gain that awareness.

Authority Titans is a public relations firm that helps its clients gain exposure and build credibility by getting featured in notable news publications. Authority Titans as the name implies was created to build authority for people and brands, and so far, it’s been a success for the company and its clients. Authority Titans uses its proven public relations tactics to get clients featured in publications like Yahoo, Forbes, Business Insider, Thrive Global, New York Weekly, CEO Weekly, New York Wire, California Gazette, Los Angeles Wire, New York Weekly, Music Observer, and many more.

Authority Titans’ client base spans multiple niches ranging from entertainment to sports, politics, business, and many other industries. It uses its commitment to telling stories of those that matter in various industries and its expert consulting services to project talent, innovation, and inspiration. Authority Titans is changing the narrative in public relations and doing quite a good job at it.

The company owes its success to its visionary founder and CEO, Dillon Kivo, a leading PR expert, entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker who’s a notable thought leader in the digital world. He has featured in many publications himself and Authority Titans is just one of his successful ventures after trying and failing at many business ventures. His journey into public relations began when he worked for a CEO who made more than $300 million in revenue per annum. It was a life-changing experience that earned him relevant connections and network.

These connections that Dillon made have proved to be pivotal to the success of Authority Titans as the company has worked with celebrities like actor and rapper Ice Cube, NBA player Chris “The Birdman” Anderson, NFL player Robert Griffith, and NFL coach Ron Rivera. With many other industry leaders on the company’s client roster, Authority Titans continues to take the lead as the PR company that ensures news placements, leads, and traffic for brands, musicians, companies, celebrities, and other entities that thrive on publicity.

Authority Titans also offers a white label service to agencies or other public relations firms looking to get their clients published. It offers a monthly subscription package that gets these clients published in multiple news sites and publications. The company’s success can be attributed to one thing: giving people access to publications they wouldn’t naturally be able to access. Every day, Authority Titans is responsible for getting hundreds of people published and over  the coming years, it hopes to sign on thousands more.

Non-profits, startups, musicians, social media influencers, and underground artists have benefitted immensely from Authority Titan’s signature program. They have experienced growth, exposure, and popularity through these publications.

Dillon’s goal is to grow Authority Titans into one of the biggest PR companies globally but right now, the focus is to keep growing year-in-year-out and delivering impeccable services to the clients.

Learn more about Authority Titans on its official website.

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation Is on a Mission to Change American Politics for the Better

Our current global society is facing political unrest. Social injustices have become exceedingly rampant in these dark and troubling times, and people can no longer stand by and watch the world run itself into ruin. Activists, artists, thought-leaders, celebrities, and the common people have come together to incite a positive change in how the world is currently being run. In the midst of a global pandemic, The Free & Equal Elections Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is partnering with prominent foundations and groups to host the United We Stand (UWS) Festival.

The United We Stand Festival is set to happen on the 3rd and 4th of July at the beachside town of Cambria, California. At the helm of this prestigious and exceedingly necessary event is The Free & Equal Elections Foundation, which is one of the most respected non-profits in the country. The organization aims to revolutionize the electoral process through education and collaborative action.

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation mainly focuses on empowering American voters to use their voice as American citizens and take a more active role in shaping the country’s government through exercising their electoral rights. Throughout its existence, the organization has worked together with notable foundations and brands to organize activities that will engage the masses and let their voices be heard.

In 2021, The Free & Equal Elections Foundation partnered up with the Brock Pierce Foundation, Open the Debates, and The Independent National Union to host one of the most significant political festivals in history. The United We Stand Festival will feature over 40 speakers, activities, artists, and musicians. The participants are determined to come together in a nationwide-scale gathering to bring communities together. The festival’s mission is to empower local communities to take their place in the electoral system.

“At this year’s UWS Festival, attendees will connect face to face with our community sponsors and national thought leaders for networking and coalition-building while giving back to our youth and uplifting our community with music, art, food, and conversation,” said The Free & Equal Elections Foundation in an official statement to the press.

Countless notable speakers and artists have joined the roster for the United We Stand Festival. These esteemed individuals include Mike Love, Peia, Cas Haley, Samuel J, G. Edward Griffin, Sean Store, Richard Gage, Cindy Sheehan, Brock Pierce, Keith Mitchell, Karla Ballard, and many more.

The event also has a panel of individuals from indigenous groups, independent media representatives, independent candidates, blockchain voting and crypto entrepreneurs, as well as a 2024 debate coalition panel. 

Additionally, the United We Stand Festival has gathered kind sponsors who are committed to the cause of changing American politics for the better. These prominent sponsors include Vote Bash, Regener8ive, Spark Hand Up, Amma Healing, Mikuna Foods, KNEKT. Tv, Cambria Massage Therapy, Bali Gems, Cambria Currents, June Shine, Bulk Hemp Warehouse, Cambria Business Center, VeloCambria, West End Bar & Grill, Las Cambritas, Zen Again Catering & Events, Oceanpoint Ranch, Blue Bird Inn, Cambria Welcome Maps, Blue Evolution, Friends of La Maravilla, and the C. Montalvo Foundation. 

The United We Stand Festival will have 300 guests in live attendance. For attendees who want to participate in the event but could not be present in California, The Free & Equal Elections Foundation has initiated to stream the event live on its official website

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation has also encouraged private entities who would want to have the event live-streamed on their Facebook pages to contact the host foundation via this site using “UWS Cambria” in the subject line, along with a URL to their Facebook pages. All of the proceeds from the event will go to Skate Cambria to help fund the rebuilding of a well-loved local skate park. 

To know more about The Free & Equal Elections Foundation, make sure to visit the organization’s official website. For press and media inquiries, please contact 

Bob Dylan’s Announces Shadow Kingdom, a Special Livestream Concert

Source: NY Times

Bob Dylan is surprising every music enthusiast and the world for the fourth time in a span of a few months. After recently breaking the Billboard’s charts, releasing a box set of songs, covers, and originals and having a museum for his works in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the most influential singer-songwriter of the 20th century is ultimately granting fans a gift of a lifetime—announcing a special livestream concert after nearly 30 years.

In-person events may be making a comeback, but streaming concerts remain far from dead. This is a manifestation of how music never dies, and the industry is quickly recovering. 

As digitalization has given multiple platforms an accessible way to connect to people, legendary artists like Bob Dylan remain active even after the pandemic railroaded plans. Bob Dylan has announced the Shadow Kingdom, a new ticketed streaming concert set to take place on July 18. Through Veeps, a Live Nation-owned livestreaming company and platform, the music artist will be featured in a welcoming set-up that people from all over the world can witness.

His performance in the Shadow Kingdom will be hitting two birds with one stone: Bob Dylan’s first broadcast performance in nearly three decades and his first concert as of December 2019. Additionally, it marks his first live performance since the release of “Rough and Rowdy Ways” last year. 

After the official press release, fans can expect to see the singer-songwriter “in an intimate setting as he presents renditions of songs from his extensive and renowned body of work created especially for this event.” Thus, the exclusive broadcast performance thrills everyone worldwide in expecting presentations from Bob Dylan’s celebrated and recent 39th studio album, some of his greatest hits, and conceivably a few renditions, covers, or surprise tracks. 

When asked about the Shadow Kingdom, Veeps’ co-founder, Joel Madden, says, “It’s an incredible honor and a high point for us all at Veeps to have the opportunity to be working with Bob Dylan, and to be a part of what is sure to be a truly special and historical performance, not only as professionals but as music fans too.” 

At the same time, while the musician and his team are warming up for the concert, a museum located in Oklahoma that will showcase a hundred thousand artifacts that span 60 years of Bob Dylan’s career is under construction. This surprising news followed the announcement of Dylan’s entire catalog being sold to Universal Music Publishing, including over 600 songs that span 60 years.

Since 1961, Bob Dylan has been a dedicated artist who has never displayed signs of slowing down throughout his long career. As an American folk-rock artist known for his songs that chronicle significant social and political issues, his fans are steadfast and devoted to book this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Tickets available for Bob Dylan’s anticipated broadcast concert, Shadow Kingdom, costs $25. Aside from accessing the show live through the comforts of one’s location, fans can access it forty-eight hours after its initial stream.

To learn more about Shadow Kingdom’s tickets, visit Veeps’ official website


Taylor Swift Was So Disappointed and Called Out U.S. Census for Excluding Transgender

The newly-awarded ‘Artist of the Decade’ by American Music Awards, Taylor Swift,  is always an increasingly brave vocal pop star and avid-supporter of the LGBTQ community, expressed her sentiments and demands for an explanation during the Friday (June 26) Stonewall Day live stream to commemorate the day and speak out against trans exclusion which really caught her very upset.

 Being politically outspoken, helped ignite the gay rights movement. 

“The Stonewall Inn has been such a symbol in the face of rebellion,” Swift said in her message. “I was lucky enough to get to perform at the Stonewall Inn last summer when my friend Jesse Tyler Ferguson invited me to crash his set,” she continued, calling back to her surprise intimate set on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

With her powerful speech, it made her fans feel something nostalgic and looking forward for more solutions and breaking the gender stigma in the society “[It was] a really good step forward with the Supreme Court ruling… but we still have so far to go with the LGBTQ community,” she said, referring to the recent ruling that prevents employers from discriminating against LGBTQ employees. “I got my census the other day and there were two choices: male and female. And that erasure was so upsetting to me.”

It is really evident from Swift’s music video, ‘You Need to Calm Down’ how she advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community and how vocal she is when her homies are bullied and denounced in the society. 

Swift was upset and called out the absence of census options for trans and nonbinary citizens “a really brutal way of dismissing them” and wrapped up by saying this November, “We need to make sure we elect people who care about all communities.”

“When you don’t collect information on a group of people that means you have every excuse in the world not to support them. When you don’t collect data on a community, that’s a really brutal way of dismissing them. Obviously we all need to exercise our right to vote this year and check our absentee ballot policy in our states and we need to make sure we elect people who care about all communities”

In her message, she emphasized the importance of inclusion and the society and no entity should be left behind. Swift strongly pointed out that we are on this together and we must use our voice for the good of many people. 

Pride Live’s Stonewall Day is raising funds for LGBTQ organizations impacted by COVID-19 that serve trans and LGBTQ people of color including Trans LifeLine, Brave Space Alliance, TransLatin@ Coalition and The Ally Coalition. Text REBEL to 243725 or visit to donate.

Rami Malek, Maisie Williams, Troye Sivan and Jackson Wang are the New Brand Ambassadors of Cartier Pasha Campaign

The Pasha de Cartier watch is in the transition era wherein they are about to set the fire for transformational changes in their products and recruited new faces to make our feet up. We all knew that Pasha set something high today, unlike before, they don’t usually feature celebrities to advertise their piece. 

Pasha de Cartier was first introduced in 1985 and now a great comeback is coming with celebrity ambassadors  such as the Bohemian Rhapsody star, Rami Malek, Maisie Williams and performers that include singers Troye Sivan and Jackson Wang from the K-Pop boygroup, GOT-7. 

A teaser packed when Rami Malek flaunted his Saint Laurent tuxedo with a vintage yellow-gold Pasha de Cartier watch from 1993 and stated fashion with his luxurious look at 2020 Oscars, it was an answer with the speculation and hint at what the luxury brand is about to scream when it came to its revolutionary introductions this year: a new, unisex Pasha watch. 

The muffled noises became louder last April 24, Cartier revealed the complete updated and redesign of the sophisticated sporty Pasha, which was first made available in public last 1985 and is now readily available in luxurious design in steel or gold and in 35mm or 41mm sizing, with strap and bracelet options that will suitably compliment any skin tone and complexion. 

It’s about time to change the clock, the watch company, not known for featuring public figures in their advertising, has been hiding something big under their sleeve: a bunch of entertainers and celebrities have signed on as star ambassadors for the re-launching of the product, including the Oscars 2020 Best Actor Malek, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, performers Troye Sivan, Willow Smith and Chinese singer Jackson Wang. Cartier will also over coming months roll out short films featuring its new breed of brand ambassdaors.

Pasha de Carter in is love by many Hollywood actors like Watchmen actress Regina King and television producer Danielle Claman Gelber. King, who excitedly purchased a Pasha for herself as addition to her new collections  and to celebrate her success in her projects that’s are continously developing the Showtime series Weeds, says she has long admired the watch’s design: “It has a stand-alone Streamline Moderne quality to it that is, pun intended, timeless,” she says. “It’s an anything goes watch: sporty, unisex and elegant, day for night.”

Gerald Genta, originally designed most of the watch designs in Pasha who is also known for his fashionable and gorgeous creation such luxury sport watches as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Patek Philippe Nautilus, is known for its round case with a square inner chapter ring on the dial, its bold Arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9, and its screw-down crown. Available in the U.S. in early September (with prices starting at $5,700 and running up to $38,500), the automatic timepiece is water resistant to 100 meters and has a 40-hour power reserve. The design also feaures diamond-set pieces and skeletonized versions in the new collection, and the 41mm versions include a date window. In a statement, Cartier’s Arnaud Carrez described the watch as having an “extroverted design” and “graphic nonconformism.”

Demi Lovato Pours Out Her Emotion ‘In the Mirror’ and Soulful Track ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ Movie Soundtrack

Big Hollywood stars like Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Demi Lovato & More Starring in Netflix’s ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ which depicts the stories of every aspiring superstars and music icons to be. The latest movie will be showing at Netflix.

The American pop star, Demi Lovato , who is widely known for belting out and putting her soul in her music, is one of the stars to be part of the movie project and was delighted with her role which she grew fond  and associated her soul in it, because the character is relatable to her true to life experiences who started small into a big star. Before she made it big, of course, just like any other musicians, she had encountered so many hardships to reach the stardom.

Few years ago,  Demi Lovato  was caught up with  hot controversies with her eating disorder and substance abuse but now she’s ready to get herself up and makes sense of her experiences in her new song for Netflix’s new movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, which was released last June 26. 

In her latest movie project, Lovato played a role of Katiana Lindsdottir, an aspirant superstar from Iceland named who’s eager enough to bag the Icelandic Song Contest and showcase her singing prowess to the one of the biggest and popular competition in Europe: Eurovision Song Contest, JustJared reported. But even with her powerful performance, which her chances was blown away by Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams’ lead characters, the 27-year-old pop star feels less and disappointed with herself. 

But she never gave up on her dreams and paved her way to her success and got her spotlight that was meant for her. She let go of the things that is holding her back and got what she really desires. The movie encompasses to always believe in your dreams and never let anyone to dull your sparkle. 

“I got everything I wished for/ If everything is so right/ Then why does it feel/ Like I’m the loneliest girl in the world/ Like I’m the loneliest, loneliest girl/ Like there’s a dark other half of me/ A part of me I can’t see/ Unless I’m looking in the mirror,” she sings in the chorus.

Demi Lovato is so excited for her project and can’t wait that long for her fans to watch and lov her character she made alive. 

“Can’t wait for you to meet Katiana,” Lovato captioned her Instagram video that previewed her Netflix movie character singing “In The Mirror.”

Based on her latest Instagram post:

‘Soooo excited to announce that EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: THE STORY OF FIRE SAGA is out right NOW on @netflix!!! Can’t wait for you to meet Katiana It means so much to me to have had the opportunity to work with Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams.. they are incredible’

A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on Jun 26, 2020 at 11:05am PDT

“In The Mirror” joins 15 other tracks in the Eurovision Song Contest soundtrack, which is also available on streaming platforms.