Rising Star Urban Blaze Brings Back Country to the Music Industry

The music industry has always been abundant in many colorful genres. For the past decade, the industry has been leaning more towards a pop trend. That’s not to say that other genres are insignificant, some have been making a slow comeback, and the country genre is making its way to the radios with Urban Blaze.

The musician and singer named Abraham Numerick is best known under his stage name, Urban Blaze, making the waves as a verified worldwide rising star. While he’s still a student attending Middle Tennessee State University for Music Business, Urban Blaze has found a successful foundation within the first year of his career. Modest and with a concrete plan, his goal is to finish college and earn his degree while furthering his music career.

Urban Blaze is signed to the award-winning artist development company, Youngville Agency. He has established a quarter of a million streams within the first nine months of his career. Youngville has taught Urban the Ins and Out of the music industry, allowing him to network with other verified artists easily. The young artist is unique in his country capabilities. While known for his twangy pop country, Urban’s catalog consists of gritty country, country electro dance music, and great mainstream hits. 

He has been featured in over 620+ playlists. Urban has also been included in 8+ press outlets and has taken the world by storm. His nine-month success led to a quick Instagram verification, which led to his audience’s major expansion.

Urban appeals to all genders, races, and ages with his melodic tones and intricate flows as an artist. He often finds himself standing on stage, facing an incredibly diverse crowd-drawing from all over the region of his performance. Most of his shows have been for charitable events, drawing wealthy donors as well as street music festivals drawing regular festival-goers.

Urban Blaze is preparing the release of his biggest music video yet, Meet Me at the Farm. The song is a collaboration with national television star, Big Smo. Following the music video will be his latest single, Not Country Enough, which will be released before his debut album, City Boy, Country Tastes, on the 26th of November.

What makes Urban Blaze unique is his vast musical taste. He draws inspiration from different styles and genres, refusing to be tied down to a specific sound type. Urban Blaze’s music goes from a honkey tonk hit to making his listener follower slow dance with their lover. His diverse styles draw major eyes and have shown him quick success. Urban Blaze is devoted to positive energy and is motivated by his fans, consistently releasing top quality country music.

Despite still being a rising start, Urban Blaze has already made major connections within the music industry in less than a year and owns one hundred percent of his brand. Urban Blaze plans to partner with his label once he completes his studies.

To get more updates on Urban Blaze’s next releases, you may follow him on Instagram.

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