Rapper D’NME Establishing Himself as a Force to Reckon With in the Rap Game

The rap scene is a highly competitive market filled with talent and charisma. But some stand out in the sea of talent. One such artist is the rap sensation and self-proclaimed “face of the rap game,” Roderick Anson. 

Roderick, also known by his rapper title D’NME, is from Toronto, Canada. The rap artist has risen above the noise as one of the most gifted and technically sound emcees to emerge in hip-hop in recent years. He first entered the rap scene through Toronto’s underground rap circles in the late 2000s. During this time, he launched his first mixtape called The Death of Me

During the rise of the digital music market, D’NME created a name for himself when he independently released another mixtape entitled Guns & Roses, which featured the late DJ Whiteowl, who was known to be a hosting legend. The album came out in 2012. Not soon after, D’NME started to grow his online presence and build a solid online fanbase. That same year, the rap artist gained the opportunity to collaborate with hip hop legend Sway Calloway. He recorded an intro freestyle for the famed radio personality. The song aired on Sway’s world-famous show Sway in the Morning on Shade 45.

The year 2013 also proved to be sensational for D’NME as he made appearances on various underground mixtapes. He also gained a feature on the Indie Grind Spotlight selection of Hip Hop Weekly, a highly-circulated magazine on rap and hip-hop culture. Later on, D’NME released a third mixtape and gave it the name I Smell Blood In The Water. Also featured on the tape was Southern Smoke founder DJ Smallz. He followed up the trio with an online hit single entitled “Bad AF,” featuring Adam Duncan. 

Yet arguably, one of D’NME’s most excellent records is his most recent one, an EP he has called Number One With a Bullet. The record hit markets in 2017, garnering a vast amount of attention on online platforms worldwide. Some of the songs in his most recent release include tracks like the song of the same name “Number One With a Bullet,” “Motivated,” featuring Adam Duncan, “Can’t Even Talk About It,” featuring Pack the Arcade, and “Raw.”

Rapper D’NME has no problems with confidence.  On top of calling himself the “face of the rap game,” the rapper calls himself “greatest rapper in the world.” This confidence has allowed him the freedom to keep recording tracks and releasing them for all the world to hear. “I believe as a hip-hop artist I display exceptional lyricism and a unique rapping style.” shares the artist on his music. His songwriting streak shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to write, record, and release hits that his fans love.

In 2019, D’NME received recognition for becoming the first Canadian rapper in history to win the Freestyle Of The Week award by DogHouse radio show in the Bronx, New York. The rapper also received praise on platforms like Power 105.1 and Thisis50. His Spotify catalog has now garnered over half a million streams. His newest single “Untouchable” has reached over 150,000 streams collectively. 

To follow D’NME’s life and music visit his website and Facebook page.

Glenda Drewery
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