Multi-genre Duo ArkType Is a Source of Comfort for People Living With Mental Health Issues

“Life can be hard, painful, and traumatic, but there is always a reason to stay alive.” This message is evident in each performance of the multifaceted, multi-genre duo ArkType. Mental health concerns are prevalent in today’s time, especially given the burden of current issues. Still, there are healthy ways of coping through art, music, and creativity that the duo encourages their fans to find. 

ArkType is a two-person band from Salt Lake City, Utah, composed by the leadman, Jason Bischoff, and the drummer, Isaac Steven. The band incorporates a seemingly-ridiculous list of rap, reggae, metal, punk, rock, classic rock, acoustic, hardcore, and EDM. While one may expect a random mish-mash of genres resulting in a chaotic cacophony, the duo has a genius way of bringing these all together to harmony, culminating in a sound that is purely their own. This vast pool of genres to combine results in unlimited possibilities for music, keeping each new performance exciting.

With the artistically unique sound composed of various genres, the pair’s music appeals to a broader audience. Since they began in 2018, they have organically created a loyal community of fans. A significant quality that keeps the fans invested in the duo is their priority in building genuine connections with their listeners, forging a sense of community and empowerment in their music and fanbase.

Teens and young adults comprise the majority of people living with mental health concerns, with 50% of cases established by age 14 and 75% at age 24. As such, ArkType’s music and lyrics are specifically addressed to this population and anyone who may be having a difficult time. This inclination to mental health awareness and support comes from their personal experience with such obstacles and trauma in their lives.

Jason and Isaac both know the importance of having someone to relate to as it lessens the feeling of isolation. Thus they create music to be relatable and become a source of comfort for people instead of turning to harmful alternatives. This is also why the pair takes the time to respond to their fans and encourage anyone who takes the opportunity to reach out to them.

Music has always been a part of life and a source of comfort for the pair. It being their therapy of choice, and given their passion for it, they created ArkType and soon learned that this therapeutic activity helps others as well. Since then, helping has become one of their biggest motivators, and any indication of their music providing comfort to the listener brings a deep fulfillment for both.

Through their personal battles with mental health problems, Jason and Isaac know the struggle of isolation very well. It is how they found their purpose in serving as a comforting presence to those who need it.

“There are better days ahead,” is the duo’s message for their fans, as they remind them that their negative emotions may be valid, but while they are lost in the darkness, they should never stop searching for light. Visit ArkType’s linktree for their social media and music streaming accounts.

Glenda Drewery
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