Kid Lit Music Upholds Authenticity in His Music and Personal Brand

If there is one important thing that rising music artist Kid Lit Music wants to impart to fellow singers and those who aspire to be one in the future, it is the value of staying authentic to one’s uniqueness, inclinations, and personal style. The self-proclaimed electrosoul pioneer has seen how too many artists struggle with finding their ideal identity while trying to make it in the industry, when in fact, they need only to remain true to themselves to create something original and worth following. Setting an example for his fans to follow, he chooses to stay authentic to his singing style and natural flair. 

The gifted songwriter who produces his own music recently launched a new single, “Read You Like I’m Khia.” This year, he also released the singles “Return of the Kid,” “Be the Bae,” “Pandemic Pussy” featuring Chanel Ayana and Thiron, and “Move That Ass.” In 2018, Kid Lit Music launched his Litty Kitty Vol. 1: Always Lit album featuring 14 tracks. His Litty Kitty Vol. 2: Smooth Kitty Kitty album contains 16 tracks and features collaborations with Melissa Michelle, Chances Music, Jay Klein, and Edson Sean. 

When it comes to his personal music style, Kid Lit Music is all about combining the class rhythms of soul music with hip-hop, dance, neo soul, and electronics to produce many of the music industry’s emerging hits in this generation. His single “Sugar Daddy Kitty Bounce,” released two years ago, became an instant hit on YouTube, generating more than 62k views. As music fans from all over the world are taking notice of his uncommon brand of music, there is no doubt that his new releases in the future will attract the same attention.

Kid Lit Music has been known to use other names throughout his music career, including The Pink Panther, Litty Kitty, Hoe Exotic, and The Black Tiger King. 

The Brooklyn, New York native, can be described as a music junkie since he was just a child. Whenever he hears music, Kid Lit Music feels a surge of excitement inside him that turned out to be his life’s greatest passion. Even as a young boy, he already aspired to be able to entertain people through songs. He attended Vanderbilt University in college and managed to hone his singing gift by becoming a background vocalist for a local band known as Weetu and the Truth. 

While he was in college, he joined Vanderbilt’s Battle of the Bands (BOTB) and emerged as one of the winners. After winning in the event, he started doing front acts for Santigold, T.I. and QTip, together with Weetu and the Truth. This significant turn of events in his life led to more opportunities down the road. He was also once an opening act for well-known singer Cele Peniston at the Queens Pride Showcase. Kid Lit Music also performed at the Harlem Pride Showcase and did an opening act for Princess Nokia during New York City’s Pridefest.

When he finally decided to pursue the launching of his own music career as a solo artist, he vowed to create music that would transcend boundaries from gender to race, class, and nationality. He hopes to be able to contribute to eliminating discrimination by creating songs that are inclusive and open to receiving the uniqueness of each listener. 

At present, Kid Lit Music is seriously planning to include a global tour and private events to promote his songs and personal brand in the coming months should circumstances allow them. He wants to bring his music to Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, and Nashville, to mention a few. Moreover, he also aspires to one day establish his own music company and recording studio. 

Find out more about Kid Lit Music by visiting this website. Follow his Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on his latest projects. 

Glenda Drewery
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