Jay Rector Taking On the Hip-Hop Music World by Storm

Marshall, Missouri-based musician and producer Jay Rector is only 22 years old. And while he has a whole life ahead of him to pursue his true passions, he’s had a considerably good run. The independent artist has worked hard to release song after song. Today, that hard work is finally paying off as he starts to reap the benefits of burning the midnight oil. 

The artist is best known for his smooth hooks and serious club hitters. He’s a fast learner who believes that God is in the details. These skills have helped him develop hard-hitting tracks. Today, Jay’s work builds up and is becoming a staple in the Missouri hip hop world and beyond. 

“I merged my love for producing, writing, and recording in a way that defines me best,” shares Jay Rector. The producer has already crossed paths with some of the biggest names in the hip hop scene at a young age. He has worked with Taylor Gang’s Producer Ricky P, who helped him piece together “Take It Up a Notch,” one of his most notable songs to date. Jay has also done collaborative work with artists like Kendo, Aaron Wilder, Peter $un, Casper, Trip Carter, and TrillMentee. He has exposed himself to as many artists and producers as possible and has been key to his growth and development both on the business and artistic side. 

When asked about what drives Jay, he refers readily to his brother. The musician’s sibling passed away tragically years back. Yet Jay Rector always looks back to the legacy that his brother left in his life. “He told me if producing music was one of my first career ideas and I truly love music, that would be my ideal route.” Jay remembers fondly. Today, Jay pursues music success without fear, knowing that he has his brother watching over him. 

The musician from Marshall has a drive and dedication that is unmatched. Hence, the artist has built up a stable fanbase that follows him, believing that Jay is one big wave away from making it into today’s mainstream hip hop circles. Jay is not one to take “no” for an answer and jumps on every opportunity to grow his network and further push his music. Jay Rector has made the full transition from a kid with an idea to a man with a solid foundation for a musical brand that is sure to leave a dent in the music industry.

One of Jay’s more successful albums is the record entitled, “Think Less, Feel More.” The artist launched the album, which has 11 high-level tracks back in 2019. The album included songs such as “Put Me on the Map,” “What’s the Move,” “No Reason,” “Feel It,” “Unstoppable,” “How It Is,” “Coming Up,” “Take It Up a Notch,” “On My Mind,” “Low Low,” and “Free Mind.” 

Jay has also released music videos for some of his songs, including “Man In The Mirror,” “Reflections,” “Sleeping,” “This Boy,” and “Ridin’.” The artist’s YouTube channel has started picking up increasing traction. Jay’s videos now have over 27,000 views on YouTube.

Jay Rector now has a total of 16 albums he has produced in his 5 years of music. And it seems he has no plans of relenting soon. As much as Jay has achieved in record time, the artist still looks to deliver more. The artist is already making plans to join music tours and create a studio in Marshall to add to the over 60 tracks he has already released.

To listen to Jay Rector’s music and follow his work, check out his official website and Spotify.

Glenda Drewery
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