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Jay Chavez Is Creating Music That Brings Hope


One does not have to be prolific to be called a real musician. Jay Chavez proves that as he starts his path, creating exceptional songs and an album as an echo to radiate everything he knows about music. Not even the pandemic can stop this artist from spreading his word.

To be a competent musician, one must know what they want to relay and how to relay it with efforts done first hand. After years in the industry, Jay is finally stepping out of his norm and is ready to take his music to the next level. 

Jay has been one of those musicians playing behind the curtains. With his extensive experience with music, there is a possibility that you’ve already heard his playing and just didn’t know it. He started his performing career at the age of 14. From then, the artist has spent the succeeding years of his life playing jointly with other loved artists in the music industry.

For thirty years, Jay humbly played as a session player in the recording studio and live performances. He also spent most of his career going on tours all around the globe.

He can play instruments from all genres of music. Jay amuses everyone as he uses his fingers to create sounds of rock, country, classical, bluegrass, showtunes, alternative, blues, jazz, and many more.

This conglomeration of genres is what drove Jay to see songwriting from a different perspective. It also made him realize it was time to compile his written and composed songs to create an album. Thus, after long years of gathering courage, Jay published the rising album, Plain Brown Wrapper, and created his new group called the Jay Chavez Band.

As he works to realize his dream, Jay goes the extra mile to publish the music that resonates with listeners. With his vast knowledge of musical instruments, Jay composed every instrumental part of his songs. Each song and each lyric on the album presents the experiences Jay encountered in his life. This is why he makes sure each part played amplifies the right feeling and tone to complement the song.

As the world is on hold due to the pandemic, Jay continues to move forward with a brim of hope. He hopes to use his music to bring unity, compassion, positivity, and love in these darkest hours. Reaching out to influence even one soul is the pure purpose of Jay’s writing.

Currently, Jay is living in the mountains of Northern California with his inspiration — his wife, mother, and pets. On a horse ranch, where the green scenery is incredible, Jay spends most of his days. Not only does he create music, he also knows how to operate a ranch and get the work done. 

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