J-Easie Sets Out on Reshaping the Industry, Using Music for a Cause

Music can mean differently to everyone. For singer and rapper J-Easie, music is a tool to inspire and create a meaningful change in society. The artist uses his talent to leave a legacy as the musician who “changed the game for the better” in his own way.

Inspired by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Tupac, Biggs Smalls, and Michael Jackson, J-Easie aims to build a legacy of his own. He has worked with prominent artists and local rappers, including Sob x Rbe and Stevie Joe. The artist has a way of standing out amid the pool of artists in the game with his unique wordplay and efficiency in creating catchy rhythms. He can perform varieties of music and is known for his ability to freestyle as well.

Unlike other artists in the game, J-Easie effortlessly blends multiple genres into his tracks. “People could listen to three songs from me and they will all be totally different from one another to the point where you might question if it’s the same artist you’re listening to,” he shared. “You simply cannot put me in one category of music,” he added. 

J-Easie was born and raised in San Jose, California. Music has been his passion for as long as he can remember. As early as eight years old, the artist began creating and inventing his sound until he started producing them professionally in his senior year in high school. Music was a constant companion for him growing up. Later on, it became an avenue for him to express himself and allowed him to dream of a better life for his mother and his family. 

Experiencing what it was like to be homeless and sleep under an overpass, J-Easie wants to pay his success forward by continually giving back to his community. He worked his way to success by working three jobs and continued to pursue his dream of becoming a professional rapper. Together with his producer, the artist created their own independent music label called Rollin Recklezz Entertainment, aiming to provide opportunities for upcoming rappers and singers who are struggling to enter the music scene.

“I not only make music. I feed the homeless, put on free shows for the communities I visit, and help out in any way I can for people in need,” said the artist. J-Easie aims to use music for a cause, and he does everything in whatever means available to provide real-life solutions to problems. He wants to uplift the souls of those who are feeling stuck in the lowest point of their lives. “I understand there’s always a song for how you’re feeling and if not, that’s why I’m here to make one,” said the rapper. 

Asked what he is currently creating, J-Easie shared that he is releasing a new mixtape called This Is Me. Besides his latest mixtape, the artist also revealed that he has other projects up his sleeves, waiting to be turned into a reality. 

In five years, J-Easie sees himself being one of the brightest artists in the music landscape, captivating audiences with his sound and powerful lyrics. The artist aims to amplify to aspiring rappers and singers that anything is possible for one who shoots for greater heights. “I’m nothing but a normal person with goals and dreams like you,” said the rapper. His narrative filled with challenges and uncontrollable circumstances is truly an inspiration for anyone, should they believe that success starts within themselves.

Learn more about J-Easie on Facebook and  Instagram.

Glenda Drewery
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