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The Iconic Style of Pamela Anderson: A Mix of Elegance and Kitsch, According to Stylist Rebecca Ramsey

There are certain icons in the fashion world whose style has stood the test of time.One such icon is Pamela, whose fashion choices from the 1990s continue to inspire today’s youth. Anderson. From her signature smoky eyes to thin brows, Anderson’s look has become synonymous with her ’90s nostalgia.  

There are certain icons in the fashion world whose style has stood the test of time.One such icon is Pamela, whose fashion choices from the 1990s continue to inspire today’s youth. Anderson. From her signature smoky eyes to thin brows, Anderson’s look has become synonymous with her ’90s nostalgia.  

The stylist’s excitement is palpable when he sees a woman wearing a big fluffy hat that reminds him of Anderson. I also pay attention to the appearance of an elderly woman wearing a kimono. 

Ramsey believes that these sightings demonstrate Anderson’s continuing influence on fashion.

But why has Anderson’s fashion lasted so long? Ramsey claims that Anderson stands out because of her distinctive combination of class and whimsy. Her style is a blend of the serious polish of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and the energetic kitsch of the Flavor Young ladies, making a look that is both immortal and particular.

Anderson’s fashion choices also exude confidence, which Ramsey believes is a key component of her appeal. Anderson’s megawatt smile and confident demeanor became synonymous with her fashion sense, inspiring countless fans to imitate her style.  

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Pamela Anderson 

It’s not just in real life that Anderson’s influence can be seen. On TikTok, a Pamela Anderson filter with over 345 million views allows users to recreate her signature look. The skinny brow, in particular, has become a popular trend, with many people citing Anderson as their inspiration.

In a world where fashion trends come and go, Anderson’s enduring influence is a testament to her unique sense of style. Her iconic looks from the 1990s continue to inspire young people today, proving that true style is timeless. 

As Ramsey notes, “everyone wants” the confidence that Anderson exudes in her fashion choices. And with her enduring influence, it seems that everyone will continue to aspire to be a little bit like Pamela Anderson for years to come.

Pamela Anderson is a name that conjures images of a blonde bombshell in a red one-piece bathing suit running on the beach in slow motion. But beyond the iconic Baywatch image lies a woman whose style and image have had an enduring impact on fashion and culture.

Anderson’s style is often described as sexy without being over-the-top, and put-together without feeling complicated. It’s a look that can range from a white crop top and light-wash cutoff denim shorts to a slinky neutral slipdress and sharp kitten heels. Anderson pioneered a specific kind of ’90s throwback dressing that was halfway between the serious elegance of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and the eccentric playful kitschiness of the Spice Girls.

Anderson’s image and persona were so popular that they were seen as public property, something that her son Brandon Thomas Lee speaks about in her documentary, Pamela, A Love Story. 

Sexy is an Ease

Her style made people think that being sexy was easy – just wear something simple that shows some cleavage and you’re done. Unfortunately, that attitude is what led people to believe that they were entitled to Anderson for decades.

Anderson’s journey to fame began when she was discovered on the Jumbotron at a BC Lions Canadian football game wearing a Labatt’s beer T-shirt. 

She became the spokesmodel for the brewery before catching the attention of Playboy, which flew her out to Los Angeles to shoot the cover of its October 1989 issue. She went on to become a Playmate, eventually shooting more covers than anyone in the brand’s history.

Anderson’s most famous role was as lifeguard CJ Parker in the TV series Baywatch, which catapulted her to international fame. Her marriage to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and the release of a stolen sex tape caused the end of her career as she knew it. 

On talk shows, male hosts felt a heightened sense of entitlement to ask questions about her body, which led to her becoming the subject of jokes.

Her legacy goes beyond her style and fame. In a time where the media was treating women terribly, Anderson’s confidence and sex appeal challenged societal norms and opened the doors for women to embrace their sexuality without shame. Anderson’s journey also serves as a cautionary tale of how fame and invasion of privacy can affect one’s life.

Now, she’s taking control of her own narrative, with the release of her documentary and book. And for her press tour, Anderson turned to stylist Natasha Ramsey to help her craft a new image that reflects who she truly is.

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Comeback to the Industry

Ramsey, who met Anderson on a shoot just a couple of months ago, knew that the stakes were high when it came to styling such an iconic figure. But she also knew that Anderson loved fashion, not just clothes. 

“She loves luxury,” Ramsey says. “She has excellent taste!” Anderson’s close personal friendship with designer Vivienne Westwood is a testament to her passion for fashion.

For the first look of the tour at the film’s Los Angeles premiere, Ramsey and Anderson decided on a red Naeem Khan dress that referenced her famous Baywatch one-piece. 

The dress was minimal and not too overpowering, allowing Anderson to own her image in a subtle yet fabulous way. And the response on social media was overwhelmingly positive, with fans delighted to see Anderson dressed for an entirely new chapter in her life.

Anderson’s style has always had an energy to it, a vibe that you can’t DIY. And Ramsey knew that it was important to let Anderson’s personality shine through in her outfits. “I just felt like this was a really special opportunity to be there for someone and their most real self, but also to support the glamor of the red carpet,” she says.

Ramsey and Anderson also wanted to pay homage to some of Anderson’s most famous looks, while still creating something new and fresh. 

For the book’s launch event in London, Anderson wore a white Versace dress with a plunging neckline, a nod to her famous pink feathered hat and sequined pants outfit from 1999. But the dress was updated and modernized, with sheer panels and a sleek silhouette.

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