Hip-Hop Sensation Acezz Shows No Signs of Slowing Down His Musical Momentum

Hip-hop lyricist and performer Acezz knows what it takes to work hard toward his goals and reach them. That and more is evident in his extensive list of releases, progressing music career, and overall approach to life. And as he continues to hustle hard and excel in what he does best, there’s no knowing what pinnacles he’ll reach next in today’s ever-pulsating music scene.

An explosive rap star with a distinct sound and massive list of releases, Acezz is a music magnate who quickly captivates a crowd. Born as James Eugene Hill, the Fourth, the hip-hop musician comes from Tallahassee, Florida. Today, he operates out of Wildwood, where he first found grounding as a professional musician and has flourished in the local scene ever since. 

James has an undying love for music. He’s been writing his lyrical compositions since he was only sixteen years old. Early on, Acezz started creating mixtapes and compiling his works. Later on, he decided to pursue music as a profession and started working hard on creating quality songs that would wow audiences everywhere. 

Acezz has not had it easy in life. Constant struggles would keep him from creating and recording. But his greatest challenge came in the form of a heartbreaking loss, the death of his son Jayden Hayes Green, who passed away in 2014. The loss brought Acezz down a spiral of depression and grief, but he pressed on, using his music as an outlet to openly bear his heart to the world.

Today, Acezz has bounced back from great tragedy, looking to family—both present and absent—to continue writing, recording, and releasing more quality tracks for hip-hop lovers everywhere. Currently, James works a full-time job at Glenview Country Club in Florida to make ends meet for his family and raise his daughter, Adeline. Apart from his 9 to 5 job, Acezz works tirelessly on his music side hustle, strategizing and preparing to do it full blast and provide a comfortable life for his loved ones.

The hip-hop artist started releasing music back in 2016, beginning with multiple EPs and singles, including tracks like “My Bruda,” “Hangup,” “2 Bick’s” featuring Geekgod, “Blessed,” and “We Be Lit.” Acezz launched his first full album two years later, entitled Suits and Champagne, which included eleven songs with a few collaborations with other sensational artists like Geekgod and CV-Queen. His first album, while produced independently, became an early hit. The most famous track in the collection, “Introvert,” would gather over thirty thousand streams on Spotify. Other songs on the album included “Goosebumps,” “Hang Up,” “Itch,” “No Lie,” and “Gossip” with CV-Queen, to name a few.

In 2019, Acezz doubled down on his writing and recording and would finish the year with three released albums: Full Deck, Suits and Champagne 2, and Flame Up. The three records summed up to twenty-eight powerful tracks making rounds all over music circles in the country.

As an artist and overall as a person, James is a hard worker. “I’m never the type to get or feel complacent with anything,” Acezz shares. “I believe there is always room for change and that slow progress is better than no progress. I’m going to continue to run it and get in where I fit in!” With his work ethic, it is no surprise that Acezz has come this far despite many oppositions. With time, it’s only likely that he’ll reach milestone after milestone and go up the music industry ranks.

To follow Acezz and his music, check out his Instagram, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Glenda Drewery
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