Driver Ape Racing Club Enters Solana Network, Acts as Ticket to Exclusive Racing Club and Events

7,777 alien evolved NFTs, collectively known as the Driver Ape Racing Club (DARC), are making their way to the Solana blockchain with some of the most exclusive racing events up its sleeve. DARC is the first collection dedicated to racing enthusiasts.

DARC is the world’s first high utility NFT that provides holders access to the most prestigious car races to be held both in the metaverse and the physical world. Each NFT officially serves as an invitation to the most exclusively curated racing club globally. DARC is giving its members access to unique events staged in the digital space, such as karting tournaments, immersive experiences in the racing world, meet and greets with renowned racing personalities, and more.

Partnered with ten of the biggest car groups and car influencers from all over the world, DARC will surely throw some of the most epic gatherings the car racing industry is yet to see. Furthermore, the company aims to sponsor events in the racing world and host its own annual celebration in the physical world. DARC also aims to buy land on the metaverse and create iconic races inside the digital frontier, giving racing enthusiasts fresh experiences. 

“To join DARC is to be part of the most exclusive racing club. It is to be part of a revolutionary project that plans to connect car enthusiasts with events in the physical world and on the metaverse in the future,” explained the founders.

DARC is powered by a backstory narrating how the driver apes found their way to the metaverse on earth. After many years, the driver apes learned that earth was the most welcoming planet for passionate racers like themselves. Hence, they traveled far and wide throughout the galaxy to reach the planet. Finally, they arrived, and every ape is equipped with a unique racing helmet that needs bolts of lighting to mature. The racer apes aim to be the bridge for the physical racing world and the metaverse.

Asked why they chose apes to be the face of their NFT collection, the founders shared that they have been unconditional fans of Saga: Planet of the Apes and the clothing brand Bape since they were ten years old. “For us, choosing apes was instinctive,” they said. “We are very confident and comfortable to have apes and know that we are going to be a game-changer in the Solana blockchain. And as it is so well said, men are descended from apes, so it is quite natural that we turn to them to write the future of humanity.”

DARC has already gained the trust of many NFT enthusiasts and investors even before its mint day. The collection already has over 2,730 members on its Discord server, and the number continues to grow every day. Once there are 20,000 members on the server, DARC will give away limited VIP access to several members to join the pre-sale. DARC will also be releasing 200 golden helmets annually to continually give back to its community and empower holders with more utility. The golden helmets will give them passes to an entire weekend of highly-anticipated karting tournaments in one of the five largest go-karting circuits worldwide.To learn more about DARC, visit its website and join its Discord server.

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