‘Denise Ho — Becoming the Song’: Groundbreaking Hollywood Spotlight

The outspoken and cantonese pop star Denise Ho is now taking her greatest break in the film industry. Being an out lesbian, political activist and great influencer, her life is featured in director Sue Williams’ timely documentary.

Denise Ho — Becoming the Song will give us the revelation of her colorful life, her awakening and struggles as an artist and activist. The Hong Kong-born, Montreal-reared singer Denise Ho, was the first Cantopop superstar who openly tackled her sexuality and identity. NotIn just a span of months of gender awakening and her struggles to fight for it, Ho indulged herself to become a political activist, crying her heart out in pro-democracy protesters in the 2014 Umbrella movement and expressed her utmost support in protests against China’s interference in Hong Kong residents, which erupted and caused violent instances in the streets and public places. 

The film is set to debut on digital platforms on July 1 which will serve as prideful film in celebrating the Pride Month last June. However, given that on June 30 the Chinese Communist Party, that very day will implement of normalization of crimes and dissent residents who will defy the government in Hong Kong. And true enough, this momentous and promising film will appreciate the bravery of the island’s residents who relentlessly fight for their rights. s

Denise Ho was born in the year 1977 in Hong Kong and raised by parents who were both teachers, Ho had a not-so-extraordinary childhood apart from the fact that her family migrated to Canada when she was growing up into a lady. At the age of 19, she decided to come back to Hong Kong to join in a TV singing contest and won. That was the opportunity for her to meet her idol, pop diva and actor Anita Mui, and worked with her as back-up singer. 

Majority of her songs screams identity and breaking gender stigmas (such as “Rosemary”) made speculations about her sexuality, Ho publicly came out as gay in 2012 just as she is making her name into the headlines and charts and made big in the Mandarin-language mainland market. Her transition from the demure, clean, pop-princess persona led her to costing a sponsorship deal with Lancome/L’Oreal. A sudden shift of her image and her affiliation with an open support to the pro-democracy movement in their country, she was caught with protestors and was arrested. Eventually, she was blacklisted in mainland China, but she is still able to showcase her singing prowess and perform in Hong Kong, Ho focuses in gaining funds for the protests. 

You may agree that although Ho embodies of being the unique pop star with smart mind, principled and strong-willed woman, non-fan viewers will surely admire her empowering movements and her underrated bravery that surely will be highlighted. Director Sue Williams, who is prolific in upscale TV documentary directing skills intricately unveiled the masterpiece in a sultry, detailed and emotion-stirring manner.

Williams however, will flaunt her strong, cinematic creativity in taking shots of the democracy movement, was able to reach several significant and notable voices from the umbrella movement including activist Jeffrey Ngo and politician Margaret Ng. Magnificent editing, using relevant and catchy cuts from Ho’s discography and archive footage of her past performances, gave a massive justice for the film. 

The names listed below are the people who worked behind the documentary. 

Distribution: Kino Marquee (available via virtual cinema)

With: Denise Ho, Jeffrey Ngo, Anthony Wong Yiu-ming, Harris Ho, Janny Ho, Henry Ho, Margaret Ng, Jelly Chen, Mike Orange, Nathan Law

Production: A Kino Lorber, Aquarian Works, Ambrica Productions presentation

Director/screenwriter: Sue Williams

Producers: Sue Williams

Executive producer: Judith Vecchione

Director of photography: Jerry Risius

Editor: Emma Joan Morris

Music: Charles Newman

Sales: Kino Lorber


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