Chasekrumbz Talks Prison, Musical Inspiration, and Future Plans

Chasekrumbz is a triple-threat musical talent who runs his own management company in the cutthroat field of hip-hop and rap music. He is a writer, composer, and performer. His interest in music first bloomed when he was only seven years old. He grew up listening to Chubb Rock and Rakim, which inspired him to tell his own story. It was around the age of fifteen when Chasekrumbz started to take his art seriously, but it would take a while longer for him to reach his current status.

Prior to his musical career, Chasekrumbz’s life was overrun with personal struggles. He was born in the era of crack vials, the eighties, and was raised in Boston, Massachusetts. A young Chasekrumbz struggled with two addict parents. Child Protective Services was always involved in his life. He was eventually put into foster care. Growing up, he hopped from foster home to foster home. This unfortunate circumstance seemed to provide foreshadowing for his adult life. Out of foster care, he found himself in prison for selling drugs.

In his eight-year prison term, Chasekrumbz learned more and more about himself. He was taught the necessary tools and how to utilize them in order to navigate through life. This led to his profound self-discovery. At this point, he finally realized where he wanted to go. It was then that he realized that his life needed to do a 180-degree turn. He decided right then and there that he was going to make changes for the better; he was going to chase his dreams and take back his life.

Selling drugs was no longer acceptable to him because he realized that if he kept going back to prison, he wouldn’t be able to make music—his lifelong dream. He overcame adversity and struggle through peace, humility, and awareness.

After his stint in prison, he poured blood, sweat, and tears into his art. He doubled down on his projects, as he has had to put his career, goals, and dreams on hold a few times due to incarceration.

Today, this up-and-coming artist is making waves with his tsunami sound. He describes his sound as “a little bit of drill mixed with lyrical content.” Chasekrumbz claims that his strongest trait as an artist is his lyricism. His strong delivery makes his tracks irresistible, and his catchy hooks and punchlines draw listeners further into his artistry.

Chasekrumbz draws inspiration from his pain and struggle. Music has become his number 1 passion because he is able to openly express himself and tell his story, which is reflected in his lyrics. What separates him from other rappers is his background and the confidence and attitude he gained from rising over adversity, and he is starting to catch the attention of the big players in the music industry.

Chasekrumbz plans to continue on his artistic journey and exceed all his goals as well as to start managing younger talent in the future. He intends to give young talent the opportunities he didn’t have growing up.

Follow Chasekrumbz as he makes his way to musical stardom on his YouTube channel.


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