Chad Ehlers Inspires Positivity With ChadChange Movement

With the challenging year that is 2020, every little bit of positivity is welcomed. And because of social distancing guidelines, many people have turned to social media to create and share content that reminds people to smile and provide a brief respite from the things that trouble them. Chad Ehlers started sharing dance videos of him and his daughter on TikTok, but he went one step further and created a thriving online community that provides support and a safe space for people to connect.

Chad Ehlers, known as Da_Chad on TikTok, has become one of its most popular creators. He worked as a nurse but now is a full-time influencer and content creator. Through friendships made on social media, he started the ChadChange Movement, a safe space for people to find motivation, healing, and support.

The ChadChange Movement began with a small group of content creators who found support in each other as some of them faced online hate for the videos they put out. Chad shares, “Suddenly more and more people grew to appreciate the positive videos we continued to create in spite of the negativity thrown at us. From there, the community just grew.”

Chad Ehlers mostly uses the power of dance and music to provide pockets of light for people online. “I loved dancing even as a kid. And dancing feels even more special to me now that I can share it with my daughter. Dancing brought us closer and has become our favorite way to bond,” Chad says. He enjoys creating fun videos for TikTok, and he has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the content he makes.

“All this positivity being fostered online really inspired what we do with ChadChange Movement,” Chad Ehler says. Since the movement’s inception, it has grown to include nine mental health support groups and provide mentoring and inspirational speaking training resources. With these various groups, members can come together to learn and feel inspired and motivated despite their struggles.

The ChadChange Movement is not limited to social media engagements. They also donate to different charities and causes every month. These donations and fundraising activities have helped support and change the lives of many people. 

Chad Ehlers loves to encourage positivity, but he has gone through some hard times in his life. “My previous wife suffered from depression, and she committed suicide. I was left to raise our daughter, and I had to be strong for her. And July last year, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. It’s tough. But these experiences taught me that a person is not defined by their past or present situation, but by what they actively do for other people.” Helping others, and especially his daughters had been Chad’s way to make a positive impact despite the hardships he experiences.

“I found a way to triumph despite my personal tragedies. I turned my pain into purpose through the ChadChange Movement.” Chad Ehlers hopes that his growing online movement can help other people overcome their obstacles and inspire them to stay motivated no matter what difficulties they may encounter in life.

To learn more about Chad Ehlers and the ChadChange Movement, you may visit this website.

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