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Rising Hip-Hop Artist Tulooo Fresh Draws Deep Inspiration from Life for His Recent Single

For up-and-coming hip-hop artist Tulooo Fresh, there is no greater inspiration for his recent single, “Millionaire Music,” than life’s greatest lessons and experiences. Drawing lyrical ideas from his personal life’s biggest adversities and challenges, he relives moments both good and bad to produce melodic and rhythmic vocals to impact hip-hop fans all over the world.

“My music makes me feel like I’m the rebirth of hip-hop because of the way that I approach and present the craft. I tell you stories, spill out my vulnerabilities, and let you in on both my struggles and my success. You get the bad and the good from me,” Tulooo reveals. 

Born J’Kein O’Neal, Tulooo Fresh is changing the Eastern North Carolina music scene through his refreshing and honest music. He has been rapping since he was a teenager and his sole motivation in creating his songs is to tell his unique story so others can draw inspiration from it. His music reflects the uncommon life he has lived from fending for himself as an adolescent due to an unstable home environment, to having his first child at the age of 17, and his second one at 21.

“My life has always been a series of obstacles, but I’ve grown to respect them and appreciate them because they are the reason for the immense amount of strength I have. Though, I came up never having been taught consistency and having to go against the high tides of life fought against my musical growth in my earlier years. I had to get to a point where I was internally able to use all that for my benefit,” the artist adds.

Life has not always been smooth-sailing for this young rising star, but he found a way to use his difficult experiences to create an art form that is highly relatable and awe-inspiring. Now as a father of three children, Tulooo’s perspective of life has changed in a massive way, prompting him to pursue a promising music career. As a young boy, he was influenced by the soulful and raw music of hip-hop artists that include Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, D-Block, G-Unit, and Max B. Their influence on his life resulted in a deep appreciation for hip-hop as a popular music genre and sparked a fire in him that he never thought possible.

If there is anyone who could stop Tulooo Fresh today from pressing on in his career, it would only be God himself. There may be some ugly truths revealed in his music, but he strongly believes that this is what the world needs today: straightforward, no-nonsense messages that will either be a wake-up call or a reality check. Either way, these simple truths intend to promote a positive perspective among his followers: that despite what life has to offer sometimes, there is always something good that can come out of it. 

Tulooo Fresh may have chosen a highly challenging path in life, but he believes more on the value of the journey rather than the destination. Having grown up without a father, a role model, and the right guidance encouraged him to reach out to the youth of this generation and show them that they can beat the odds no matter what. Just as he made it in life, they can too.

Learn more about Tulooo Fresh by visiting his website. Check out his “Millionaire Music” official music video on YouTube.

Hitskope Music Group Inks Global Distribution Deal with Sony’s The Orchard

Music industry veteran Danny Barros has more than 12 years of experience under his belt. Originally from Boston, he got his start in the New England music scene, where he formed D Squared Entertainment Group in 2006. D Squared quickly became one of New England’s major nightlife promotion and talent agencies.

During Danny’s time with the group, he regularly negotiated and planned performances for a slew of A-list artists such as Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, Steve Aoki, and T-Pain. With his connections and his experience in the music industry, he has managed to apply all of it into his brainchild, Hitskope Music Group, an artist management company specializing in various genres of music such as pop, rock, hip-hop, and R&B.

After signing a global distribution agreement with Sony Music’s The Orchard, Hitskope Music Group has just launched a record label division called Hitskope Records. Many talented and experienced music industry veterans have offered their services to Hitskope Records.

One of the talented individuals that are helping Hitskope Records gain traction is none other than Richard Nash, who has more than 30 years of experience in the music industry as an executive for Elektra Records, Sony Music, and Capitol Records. Nash has played a crucial role in the careers of Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, and Keith Sweat. His vast experience has now become a fundamental addition to Hitskope Records and all its artists. Founder and CEO of the music rating app, Breaking Hits Inc., Neil Collins, also lends his expertise and talents to Hitskope Records as a VP.

Hitskope Records focuses on developing the raw talent of their artists and brings out their full artistic potential. Hitskope’s artists are sure to find an audience and will inevitably draw success from all of their hard work as they have access to tools and resources that are only available through Sony’s distribution arm.

With Hitskope’s strategic support and coaching through experiential marketing and full record label services, their artists are guaranteed to succeed in their own right. The label’s philosophy is strongly rooted in the protection of the best interests of its artists, after all.

Hitskope aims to showcase rare and amazing talent to the world without losing sight of the creative visions and core values of its artists. Hitskope currently represents a variety of talented musicians, such as Arika, a singer, songwriter, actress, and star of the Netflix series Westside. There’s also Michael Lanza, a Billboard charting singer, songwriter, and producer from the Bay area. Last but definitely not the least, Hitskope also represents the viral YouTuber pop star with over half a billion streams across social media platforms, Michael Constantino.

Hitskope combines the extensive experience of the people that run it with the fresh new talents of their artists to create an ecosystem where growth and success are more than possible; they’re inevitable.

To learn more about Hitskope Music Group, check out their official website.

With the Release of Her Brand-New Single, Up-and-Coming Pop Star Piper Landon Shares Her Musical Journey

Born in Delta, Colorado, to a mother who is a top-ten recording artist Piper Landon was always surrounded by music growing up. She would eventually find her passion for singing and songwriting early in her childhood. She started writing music when she was 14 years old and snagged her very first record deal at 15.

Piper’s talent is undeniable. She writes all of her songs herself, which makes her a true singer/songwriter. However, that’s not all she does. In fact, that’s far from it. She also found a lot of success as she went on to star as cKenzi on the sitcom iShine Knect. She is a celebrated musician and an actress as well. Since then, she has also had a lot of features on numerous TV shows, movies, podcasts, and blogs.

Piper didn’t just perform in a single place nor a single country, she performed all throughout the United States, Canada, and even Africa. She managed to grab a huge audience all thanks to her international acclaim.

In December of 2018, she officially became an influencer. Since then, being an influencer is her full-time career while still making and recording music. Her Instagram account boasts over 120,000 followers, and her single Harsh surpassed half a million views in the first two days of its release.

Piper recently released her brand-new single called Tippy on the Patio. The song is a departure from her usual style, which heavily involved a Disney-esque quality to it. Tippy on the Patio seems like a much more mature song from Piper, though it still has the trappings of her old sensibilities attached to it. The lyricism and the music have stayed true to the elements of sadness, sensuality, and broken-heartedness that are usually found in a typical Piper Landon song.

Despite the song having a party vibe on the surface, Piper’s lyrics and traditional brand of making “sad songs for sad people” still thoroughly shine through on Tippy on the Patio. Old fans and new fans alike will surely enjoy this new single, as it stays true to Piper Landon’s signature style and takes it on a brand-new more mature direction.

Looking back on her career, Piper still finds it extremely humbling that she has made it this far. The thought of a pop star coming from a small town in Kansas is still pretty wild to her, and she has been so grateful for all of the success that she has garnered over the years.

With all that being said, Piper hopes that her story will inspire others to work hard on their dreams no matter what. She wants people to see that they can overcome any challenges that might come their way if they believe in themselves and put in the hard work. If a small-town Kansas girl could become a huge influencer and make it big in the music industry, nothing should stop someone from chasing their dreams. 

Visit Piper Landon’s official website to keep updated on her latest works. Also, check out her music on Spotify.

‘Pretty Boy Culture’ Is All About Music Versatility

There’s something for everyone in Pretty Boy Culture’s impressive tracklist. Zachariah Cassettari — AKA Pretty Boy Culture — is a 22-year old musical artist and rapper from Los Angeles, California, and is proficient in various music styles that most rappers do not dabble in.

“My music integrates different feelings and experiences that can be relatable in different circumstances,” Pretty Boy Culture shares. From a party to a low point in life, Pretty Boy Culture has the potential to relate to all audiences. “Each song that is written is different from the last because they represent my vast range of emotions that I have the ability to connect with.”

The musical artist adds that he rips a page out of his life and molds it with a melody so his audience can get to know him better. Pretty Boy’s sound hovers on both melodic and lyrical rap. From songs filled with auto-tuning and reverb with deep bass beats to clean vocals on a trap beat, the 22-year old artist caters to the music tastes of a diverse crowd. 

Pretty Boy Culture was born in Woodland Hills, California, and moved to the Bay Area for a couple of years. He grew up with an older brother and was raised by his single mother. As a child, he saw the difficulties his mother had to overcome to provide for them, inspiring Pretty Boy Culture to become something greater. 

Although his father was not around much in the first few years of his life, they ended up having a healthy relationship. Pretty Boy Culture’s father taught him about business and brand growth. The artist’s relationship with his parents shaped him into a hard-working, self-sufficient creative with a strong work ethic. 

The rapper dropped his first beat when he was in sixth grade. At the time, Pretty Boy Culture was dissatisfied with his academic performance and felt like a failure. He was ridiculed and belittled and found refuge in writing. Pretty Boy Culture detailed his problems on his iPhone’s note app and eventually turned his entries into poems and then songs.

The musical artist took to the online world to find beats that suit his lyrics best. He performed them to his friends and, from their reaction, realized that music is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Pretty Boy Culture started saving for a MacBook until he finally bought one in 2015. Despite his capability to afford a newer model, the rapper still produces all his music from that same MacBook to remind him of his humble beginnings.

Inspired by his life’s ups and downs, Pretty Boy Culture’s sound is raw, unique, and varied. The musical artist’s growing discography reveals his versatility and prowess in different music styles. Taking from his personal experience and the places he has lived in, his music attracts individuals who enjoy catchy hooks, well-written bars, and hard-hitting beats.

“From Los Angeles to New York to Atlanta, my music fits into an array of cultures and communities around the country,” he shares. Be it a party or rage, or a quiet night or a slow drive, the artist has something for everybody.

The rapper, through his diverse tracklist, perpetuates the culture of music versatility in the industry. Pretty Boy Culture is all about mastering different music styles and being inclusive of all types of people in his discography. 

“I have put a lot of time and effort into not only perfecting my craft as a rapper, but as an all around artist. I’ve spent a lot of time creating my unique sound and adapting my voice to whatever kind of music I want to make next,” he reveals. 

Striving to make every project better than the last, Pretty Boy Culture always brings something new to the studio. Every project he works on is different from his last. “I strive to make albums filled with songs that withhold the test of time.”

Get to know Pretty Boy Culture better through his account on Instagram. Pretty Boy Culture will be dropping his first single “Area 51” on September 1, 2020 and his full debut album in October. You can check out his dropped music on Spotify and Apple Music.

Please send all business inquiries to

Sound Alchemist Kaitlynn Tassone Advances Healing Through Sounds and Releases First EP “Hollywood Needs Healing”

Determined to help others overcome pain and trauma, KT the Alchemist is advancing a unique approach to natural healing through the power of music and sounds. Today, she is releasing her first-ever EP “Hollywood Needs Healing,” which features catchy beats with backlight art coupled with affirmations from the producer of the album and overall collaborator, URBVN. This collaborative experiment on sound therapy will be available on all major streaming and social media platforms.

Kaitlynn Tassone, more popularly known as KT the Alchemist, is an LA-based artist and life coach. She also still lives on the East Coast, and she founded the brand and community Transformational Tones. It was established after she first experienced sound healing in her journey toward overcoming anxiety. She concluded that natural healing was the best way to go, as this helped her most. With that in mind, Transformational Tones was created to empower others in dealing with pain and trauma through sound frequencies and music. 

For this sound alchemist, meditation, music, and coaching can spell out a huge difference in the lives of those needing to heal in one way or another. However, true healing through this approach can only be accomplished if the person is willing to put in the necessary work. Kaitlynn believes that the future of medicine is music, and the future of music is sound healing frequencies. 

Kaitlynn believes that everything in the universe is composed of vibrations. Diseases and illnesses are manifestations that signal that the body is not in harmony with its natural flow. In this situation, sound therapy becomes useful as this method allows a person to be back in sync with the rhythm of their body. From this notion, she is ready to explore and develop a “healing” genre in music.

In 2019, Kaitlynn presented at a New York Stroke Recovery Group, music festivals, and sound baths held on the East and West coasts. She also hosted and continues to host one-on-one coaching sessions with clients to help them make a significant transformation of their lives. She has also worked with well-known rappers such as Mod Sun and MGK. Currently, she continues to host sound baths online and offline while producing music on all major platforms. 

After moving to Hollywood, working on the EP, and being in touch with celebrities, she saw how the music and entertainment industry was drowning in drug overdoses, toxic ego, and so much darkness. This reality made her realize that Hollywood needs healing, and this inspired her for her first EP.

She is now dropping “Hollywood Needs Healing,” a collaborative track that features URBVN’s inspiring affirmations. URBVN, aside from being a producer and collaborator, is also KT’s music coach throughout this experience. He has been teaching her how to use her creative talents and not hide them, which ultimately led to them creating and releasing their art together. They are also both from Syracuse, New York, and they crossed paths again when they happened to find each other in LA. That’s when they organically started making music at his studio. 

This track follows the release of Jhene Aiko’s R&B album, which also features healing frequencies in the songs and topped the charts. This inspired Kaitlynn even more because it became clear that the music industry is now shifting and appreciating the power of sound healing frequencies. 

In the end, Kaitlynn believes that real change in the world can be achieved by supporting one another. Collective action is required for humanity to shift into something greater. As for her, she will be doing her part through her passion for music by continuing to promote sound healing frequencies.

Learn more about Kaitlynn Tassone by visiting her website. Check out her Music as well.

The Next Five Classic Rock Movies That You Might Like After the Bohemian Rhapsody

Despite of the production scarce, criticisms and references that seem to collide, it is undeniable that the Queen’s movie Bohemian Rhapsody, become the most successful and remarkable music biopic of all time, with box-office records and awards and nominations it earned from the Oscars. 

It may sound a copy-cat but producers are looking for more projects about musicians – but before that there are five classic rock movies already underway that may, or may not, emulate the success of the Freddie Mercury story.

As we celebrate the artistry of the rock musicians that changed the face of music and it’s worth remembering the words of Stanley Kubrick: “A film is, or should be, more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.”

Motley Crue – ‘The Dirt’ – March 22

The plot: This will showcase of the glam-metal stars through years of streetlife and trouble-making, while they find peace in the hearts of generations of social dropouts and showed their love and passion to create music.

Starring: Daniel Webber as Vince Neil, Douglas Booth as Nikki Sixx, Iwan Rheon as Mick Mars and Machine Gun Kelly as Tommy Lee.

Background: Based on the band’s controversial documentary of the same name, ‘The Dirt’ will reveals present Motley Crue’s rise, fall and rise again amid the rock ’n’ roll carnage that they came to put into realistic action The soundtrack is set to include all-new music, and the band may even stage a live reunion (or at least something Sixx said will prove they’re “outta our minds”) to help promote it.

Elton John – ‘Rocketman’ – May 31

The plot: Set in the ‘70s, it’s the story of one simple man with an eager heart to let the world listen of his songs. From being a struggling songwriter Reginald Dwight to larger-than-life rock icon Elton John, and the challenges he encountered during his “wild ride.”

Starring: Taron Egerton as John, Jamie Bell as Bernie Taupin, Richard Madden as John Reid and Bruce Dallas Howard as John’s mother Sheila Dwight.

Background: “Based on a true fantasy,” the movie is part of celebrating of John’s career and unveils his struggles in life as he slowly moves toward winding down, with attention turned to his long collaboration with lyricist Taupin.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – ‘Street Survivors’ – date unknown

The plot: Subtitled “The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash,” the movie focuses on the 1977 tragedy that killed three members of the band and its effect to the music industry and their fans. This film will explain the aftermath of the unfortunate incident.

Starring: Taylor Clift as Ronnie Van Zant, Samuel Kay Forrest as Steve Gaines, Lelia Symington as Cassie Gaines, Navarone Garibaldi as Gary Rossington, Ian Shultis as Artimus Pyle.

Background: Apparently completed in 2017, the movie was the subject of legal action as Rossington and the estates of the three late members sought to prevent then-drummer Pyle’s version of events from being screened. They argued that previous agreements meant Pyle couldn’t make the movie – but the courts disagreed, saying he’s entitled to share his personal memories of the events.

Journey – Untitled story of Arnel Pineda – unknown date

The plot: When Journey took the brave decision of hiring a Filipino talent, Arnel Pineda to become their singer in 2007, their risk paid off with a massive career comeback after many years drought. His story is described as “a true fairy tale and triumph of the human spirit.”

Starring: Unknown

Background: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ director and longtime Journey fan Jon M. Chu was inspired by Pineda’s story to start work on a movie that’s still in its early stages. Backers Warner Bros. have acquired the rights to 2012’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey,’ a documentary about the same subject, and are thought to be pursuing permission to use the band’s original songs on the soundtrack.

The story will revolve around reconnecting as the band and fans find a new passion and energy in music and relationships that become re-energized after how many years of hiatus. It’s also the only movie here that focuses on a rise to fame this century, which, set against Journey’s original rise in the ‘70s.

‘Black is King the New Visual Album of Beyoncé to be Released’ On Disney+ In July

Black is King – Those deep remarks will haunt us until we will finally get the taste of masterpiece of Beyoncé. 

Beyhives (official fandom of Beyoncé) were never been this so excited when Beyoncé announced that she is dropping her latest album out of the blue. The Superstar was so silent about the project and did not utter even a word that she’ll be releasing her new babies. A new visual album was written, directed and executive produced by Beyoncé is coming in our ears. 

Amidst the pandemic, social injustices and protests erupted that demands justice for the black people who lost their lives in the hands of police acrossthe country, Beyoncé is outspoken and joined the movement. Recently, she dropped her latest single ‘Black Parade’ out of nowhere and obviously the song depicts the social injustices and political imbalances that are happening in the country. Beyoncé put her heart and sentiments in producing the track which received praises with her single which is considered now as the anthem of Black Lives Matter movement.  

Beyoncé, who portrayed the voice of the character of Nala in 2019 animated remake of The Lion King, is finally releasing a visual album filled with tracks of empowerment, activism, love, patriotism and respect The album is named’ Black Is King’ for some controversial and justified reasons. As announced, ‘The Black is King’ album will premiere on Disney+ before the end of July. 

As mentioned above ‘Black Is King’ will celebrate Black resilience, struggles, success and culture, and premiere globally on Disney+ on July 31, according to a press release made by team of Beyoncé. The album used the reference on the music of The Lion King: The Gift, the Beyoncé-produced soundtrack album for the Lion King animated remake released last year, in which she portrayed the voice of the Lion King character, Nala. 

“The visual album from Beyoncé reimagines the lessons of The Lion King for today’s young kings and queens in search of their own crowns,” according to the statement from Disney and from Parkwood Entertainment, Beyoncé’s company,

The film was produced in just for a year and output was great due to the perseverance they have acquired to finish the film. Accordingly, the film will star the album’s featured artists as well as special appearances by unnamed notable artists of this generation. The website of Beyoncé’s released a minute-long teaser video .

According to the official press release of the team, the album will take us places and retold the journey of Black families for the past life and future, and will reveal the story of a young king’s journey who will experience betrayal, love and self-identity crisis that will surely formed him into a mighty king. The young king will be guided by his ancestors from above, father and childhood love, he earns the virtues needed to redeem his real title and power “home and throne.”

“These timeless lessons are revealed and reflected through Black voices of today, now sitting in their own power,” it reads. Black Is King “is an affirmation of a grand purpose, with lush visuals that celebrate Black resilience and culture. The film highlights the beauty of tradition and Black excellence.”

The announcement followed when Beyoncé’s caught us off-guard with, a single called “Black Parade” that she dropped on June 10. Beyoncé’s company has announced on her website that the profit of the song will go to the chosen marginalized families and will be benefited by Black-owned small businesses in need through her BeyGOOD initiative.

‘Hamilton,’ ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ will Air on Fourth of July’s Specials

Hamilton – Indeed, this week is so exciting for musical theaters enthusiasts. The long wait is almost over when the biggest musical of the past decade will be aired on TV screens in the week of June 29 when Hamilton made its appearance on Disney+. This week also will feature great shows on Fourth of July specials, a reboot of a long-running network show from the 1980s and ’90s, and the premiere of a TV adaptation of a book series made for teenagers. 

Credits to The Hollywood Reporter’s, who made rundown of the shows for the coming week’s highlights. And true enough, it would be unrealistic to binge the series in one siting but the THR will help you to choose and their specific details will give you options on what shows to watch each week. 

The Big Show

Hamilton made it to the Broadway shows in just a swift motion in 2015, as Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fusion of hip hop and American history has earned the coveted Tony Awards and became a cultural standard in the world of Broadway and gained the milestone to transcend the progress of the likes of Miranda, , Philippa Soo, Leslie Odom Jr. and Daveed Diggs.

The performance that was set featuring the original cast was filmed in the year 2016, and the original plan was to drop the line at theaters in October 2021. Instead, Disney saved the schedule and is set to release the film, which it says represents a “leap forward in the art of live capture” of theatrical performances, on Friday on Disney+.

Also on streaming …

Unsolved Mysteries, the revamped version which has aired on NBC and CBS from 1987-99, made the show for public watch last Wednesday on Netflix. The show also features George Lopez’s stand-up special We’ll Do It for Half (Tuesday) and a series based on The Baby-Sitters Club book series (Friday). Respectively, the season two of Hanna premieres Friday at Amazon. 

On broadcast …

Specials: Of course, the presence of live audience will not be possible due to the coronavirus pandemic but NBC and PBS will present their annual Fourth of July programs just like before on Saturday. Moreover, the late show has the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular at 8 p.m.; PBS’ A Capitol Fourth also airs at 8. On Friday, while The CW has the iHeartCountry 4th of July BBQ, with backyard performances from country music stars. 

Finales: The season comes to a close for The Genetic Detective (10 p.m. Tuesday, ABC) and Council of Dads (8 p.m. Thursday, NBC).

On cable …

Documentaries: HBO’s Welcome to Chechnya (10 p.m. Tuesday) will dig deeper with activists in the Russian republic combating with the ongoing torture and injustices of LGBTQ people in the country. Showtime’s five-part Outcry (10 p.m. July 5) secretly investigates the case of a former high school football star accused of child molestation and thru this, they will closely examine the case for the truth. 

Specials: Nickelodeon will give bring back to life the Nick News franchise with Kids, Race and Unity (7 p.m. Monday), hosted by Alicia Keys. OWN airs a dialogue between Oprah and 100 Black Fathers at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Returning: Desus and Mero is set to give new episodes on a new night at 11 p.m. July 5. Just like the old times, the show continues to air on Thursdays respectively. 

Search Party was gone in air for not being aired on TV since its second season on TBS in late 2017. Season three was filmed in 2018, yet THR critic Inkoo Kang says the episodes of the dark comedy are “surprisingly relevant to, and even prescient of, the political winds of 2020.” All episodes are streaming on HBO Max.

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Will Surely Make Our Emotions Stirred Through the “Heart Songs”

Get ready and be thrilled with more than 80 musical numbers will take us into places. The refreshing comedy is about to represent our inner thoughts through music: “In many ways, it can be healing.”

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist will give us the taste about a Silicon Valley-based coder (Jane Levy) who is in the middle of a love triangle while struggling to overcome her problems but little did she know that suddenly will barge in. But the NBC series did not fail to be musical, playing more than 80 song-and-dance numbers performed by Levy and the cast, which co-starred with Lauren Graham, Skylar Astin, Peter Gallagher and Mary Steenburgen. 

“For me, that form of expression is new,” says Levy of singing on the show. “At the beginning, I was scared about not sounding good. And then eventually, I realized what’s most important to me as an artist is to just tell the story authentically.”

The story will begin with an earthquake hits the city while Zoey is getting an MRI, never she thought that it will change her life. She finds herself with the unique power to hear people’s thoughts in the form of musical numbers and she later calls as “heart songs.” The first 12-episode of the first season, the plot continuously develops including a not-so-new love triangle involving Zoey, Max (Astin) which is her best friend, and her apple of the eye at her wor, Simon (John Clarence Stewart), and an unlikely comradeship with-DJ neighbor, Mo (Alex Newell).

“I’m always trying to think of different ways to use her abilities and to surprise the audience with the music,” says the show’s creator, Austin Winsberg. “[Her ability] would help her grow, and it would show her that the world isn’t all black and white — that we do live in shades of gray.”

A wide array of songs will be studied to make the episodes relevant with the music they’re going to play. “When you are using a song for storytelling, it changes the clearance because you’re using it like dialogue,” says music supervisor Jen Ross. “It’s deeper than just a song playing in the background of a restaurant.”

Harvey Mason Jr., the music producer, has to re-invent the tracks that will accurately tell their feelings and thoughts lingering inside “You can really show emotion [through music],” Ross says. “In many ways, it can be healing.”

The production schedule was vigorous and tight at the same time, while working with only seven to eight days to record the songs and learning the dance choreography for the episode. This challenges the casts to give more and explore varying degrees of dance/musical theater experience that will bring extra challenge to choreographer Mandy Moore. “I can work with somebody like Skylar, who has a lot of musical theater and movement experience and get something out of his character that is a bit more dancey,” she says. “But then with somebody like Mary, she has very little dance experience but is such a beautiful mover. It forces me as a choreographer to really see people and appreciate how they move naturally.”

Levy says the most important relationship she established is with her dad (Gallagher). “The love story, to me, is about her and her father,” she says.

But their relationship will face more turmoil, when Zoey finds out that her dad suffers from a rare degenerative brain disease called progressive supranuclear palsy and she has to bid her goodbye. 

Levy’s hard working schedule is challenging as she needs to compose her perona straight in every episodes with massive dance numbers and songs to sing. His director said “By the time she got to the end, she was pleasantly exhausted,” he says. “She didn’t have much more left than that last episode, which is exactly where that character needed to be.” 

When the cast was able to aced the half day rehearsals “everyone started crying,” says cinematographer Shasta Spahn.

. “A lot of season one is a solo journey, and that’s why I like in the finale seeing her with a community and supported by people who love her,” says the actress. “So maybe in season two, her journey won’t be so solo.” Levy says. 

This story first appeared in a June stand-alone issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.

Kelly Clarkson is Demi Lovato’s Role Model to Keep Fighting

It’s really good to see the two queens of music industry lifting and helping one another. The Hollywood actress and pop star, Demi Lovato admired the American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson so much and looks up to her as her role model in the music industry. Lovato credited Clarkson for helping her to make her the woman she is today by facing her insecurities, controversies and anxieties in her music career. 

The two pop stars sat down to have a good talk, which aired on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday (25Jun20), and Demi expressed her utmost gratitude to the first American Idol winner for being a role model to look up to when she was starting out as a teenager and aspiring superstar. 

They both talked about a lot of things and it seems that the two superstars really get along. Demi is very vocal and been open about her mental health issues and other controversies which have led to rehab sessions, but Kelly extended her warm hands and helped her comprehend early on she didn’t need to be perfect to be a pop star, and advised her not to conform with the stereotypes – and ignited her more for her to speak up about issues that were important and relevant to the society.

“You were like the first idol that I ever had,” the Sorry Not Sorry singer explains. “I wouldn’t be the artist or even the person that I am with being so outspoken and vulnerable and fearless if I hadn’t had you to look up to, so I thank you for that.

“I looked at you as my idol growing up. You are fearless and courageous and real as f**k, you know? I love that about you. When I was younger I always thought to myself, ‘If I make it, I want to be like her because she’s real and she’s genuine’.”

Demi did not hold back to thank her idol for being inspiring and worth admiring. 

Kelly thanked Demi for her heartwarming praise, adding, “It takes work. I think everybody looks at us, like even when you overcome something, they’re like, ‘OK, she’s already overcome that’. I’m like, ‘No, no, no that’s a daily effort in trying to be positive’. That’s not a given, like, you’re just over it and you went to some magic therapy session and it’s over. I think that’s a daily thing you work at and a daily thing that I work out.”

Few weeks ago, Kelly Clarkson underwent emotional turmoil of her recently announced of her filing a divorce with her husband, Brandon Blackstock. The interview aired as Kelly picks up the pieces and ready to get up again after filing for divorce from her husband of more than six years. Fans admired Clarkson for being fearless and professional at the same time. 

During the interview with Demi on her show, the 38-year-old pop star also rained praises on Demi Lovato for being open with the pressing issues and speaking out about mental health issues, revealing she has been fighting depression for many years. 

“I love how open you are about mental health because I have similar issues, and I’ve suffered from depression,” Kelly said. “I think a lot of people, especially in the creative world or just from childhood, you’ve been trained to just keep going and you can handle it. Especially as a woman, it’s like, ‘Don’t let them see you sweat’. I just love that you’re open about that because not everybody’s as vulnerable being like that. And I think it’s helpful for your fans.”